Yujin Oh, ‘Flip Show’ at 1%

The 10th China Women’s Gap Match League, in which Korean players also participate, has opened. The Women’s Gabjo League has been held every year since its launch in 2013, but last year it was not held due to corona circumstances.

This season, 10 teams will compete in the double league, starting with the first leg (rounds 1 to 4) to be held in Tongren City, Guizhou Province from the 14th to the 18th. It is a schedule of 18 rounds per team. In the first round, only mercenaries compete online.

Three Korean female knights were called. Kim Chae-young, 2nd in the May women’s ranking, 7 dan (27), Kim Eun-ji, 3rd, 5 dan (16), and Oh Yu-jin, 4th, 9 dan (25), play for the individual and her team.

In the first round, when the starting tape was cut on the 14th, only Oh Yu-jin, 9th, entered the order. This season, mercenaries are allowed to participate in up to nine matches by limiting the number of times.

Wu Yujin, 9th dan, was in charge of Shaanxi West Sea’s 3rd dan, and faced Tangyi, 4th dan, from Shanghai Sheng Somu. The two 10-year-old knights are the second confrontation in this tournament in 2021, following Oh Yu-jin’s discontinuation after 190 moves. Tangyi, who was in her prime about 10 years ago, currently ranks 17th among Chinese women.

In the Sangbyeon workshop, Oh Yu-jin’s 9th dan failed greatly, and the win rate dropped to 1% at the lowest. Oh Yu-jin, who had been struggling all along, was ahead for the first time around 160 moves around 5 hours after starting her match. After that, finishing was Yujin Oh’s 9th dan specialty. At 5 hours and 50 minutes, she won the game in 227 moves. Her team also won a 3-0 victory.

Japan’s Nakamura Sumire, 3rd dan, who made her debut in the Women’s Gabjo League, lost to Ritsu Xuan 3rd dan in 188 moves. Sumire is a 14-year-old, and Li Si-xuan is a 17-year-old rookie. 17-year-old Wu Yi-ming, 4th dan, defeated Zhou Hongyu, 7th dan, who ranked second in the Chinese women’s rankings.

In the Women’s Gabjo League, 2 points are awarded for each match won in a 3-man team match. Individual matches are ordered. The time limit is 2 hours, and the countdown is 1 minute 5 times. The bottom two teams (9th and 10th) in the regular league standings without a postseason are relegated to the Women’s League 메이저사이트.

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