Wolves spent more than Barca and Juventus… Crazy PL money power

The money power of the Premier League is getting bigger.

The CIES Football Observatory published on the 8th (Korean time) the current status of soccer clubs’ transfer market net spending from the 2018/19 season to the present, ranked by rank.

CIES is an independent global sports research institute based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, and the Football Observatory is a research group under this institute. He mainly conducts research related to tactical analysis, soccer player ransom, and the soccer industry.

Among the top 100 clubs with the most net spending in the last five seasons, Chelsea, the main character of this January transfer market, ranked first.

Chelsea spent a whopping 749 million euros (approximately 1.163 trillion won) in five seasons. Chelsea alternately made profits from the 2018/19 season to last season and sometimes only lost money, but this season alone recorded a record loss with a net expenditure of 620 million euros (approximately 841.2 billion won). 스포츠토토

Following Chelsea, Manchester United is second with 670 million euros (approximately 909.1 billion won), Arsenal is third with 544 million euros (approximately 738.1 billion won), and Tottenham Hotspur is 477 million euros (approximately 647.2 billion won). was ranked 4th.

What’s even more surprising is the ranking below it. West Ham United is fifth, Newcastle United is sixth, Aston Villa is seventh, and Wolverhampton Wanderers are eighth.

Tottenham and West Ham each showed net spending of over 400 million euros despite their transfer revenue in the 2018/19 season and 2020/21 season, respectively, and Newcastle, where Saudi royal capital began to come in, each made 140 million euros in the last two seasons ( About 189.9 billion won) or more showed net expenditure.

Aston Villa, backed by Egyptian capital, and Wolverhampton, backed by Chinese capital, showed net spending in the mid-300 million euros.

The club with the highest net spending outside of the Premier League was Juventus, which ranked ninth overall. Juventus recorded a net expenditure of 337 million euros (approximately 457.2 billion won).

Benfica (Portugal) earned the most money from transfer fees during the five seasons, earning a total of 369 million euros (about 500.6 billion won), including 157 million euros (about 213 billion won) this season.

Lille (France) ranked second and third with 308 million euros (approximately 417.9 billion won) and Ajax (Netherlands) with 293 million euros (approximately 397.5 billion won), respectively.

Of the English clubs, 25 clubs had the highest transaction volume in the transfer market, and only Watford and Norwich City made money from transfer fees.

Chelsea recorded a whopping 2 billion euros (about 2,713.7 billion won) in transfer market trading volume over five seasons, about 600 billion won more than second-place Juventus’ 1.56 billion euros (about 2.1167 trillion won).

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