Why coach Seonyoung Park of Samcheonpo Girls’ Middle School practices and why he doesn’t

Samcheonpo Girls’ Middle School coach Park Seon-yeong said, “To prevent the players from becoming frogs in the well,” practice games are held, and practice games are not enforced “to prevent a lack of confidence.”

The problem of supply and demand of players in local schools is not a new thing. Samcheonpo Girls’ Middle School, located in Sacheon, Gyeongsangnam-do, is the same. Following last year, this year we managed to make an entry of 5 people. It is safe to say that there are no players from the Samcheonpocho basketball team. Players from other regions, clubs, and clubs are joining the Samcheonpo Girls’ Middle School basketball team. However, due to his short vocal ability, the problem of basic skills came to the surface.

Coach Park, who has been in charge of coaching Samcheonpo Girls’ Middle School since last year, said, “You have to start playing basketball in the 4th grade of elementary school, and by the time you are in the 2nd grade of middle school, you have many parts. In the case of our school’s players, most of them come to middle school and start playing elite basketball. That’s why even if you become a middle school 2 or middle school 3, the basic skills are still lacking. Friends who have been playing basketball for more than 5 years and those who have played the basics for 2-3 years are inevitably different.”

The difference between club basketball played once or twice a week and elite basketball played daily is clear. It is different from the physical aspect. Coach Park said, “If we had been in elite physical education since elementary school, we would have done physical fitness exercises in middle school, but we lack basic physical strength. There is also the problem of not having a replacement player, but it is fundamentally a lack of stamina that comes from short pitching. There are many cases of muscle soreness during the game. So this winter, I focused on core and balance exercises to suit the physical condition of the children. This is the first step of the physical fitness exercise. General physical training should be done after this happens.”

As is the case with other local schools, Samcheonpo Girls’ Middle School has to travel at least two hours to practice. Even that was not possible due to Corona 19 in the meantime. Corona 19 is gradually fading, and now that I have taken a step toward daily recovery, going outside has become relatively easy. Coach Park made full use of this opportunity. After participating in the Stove League held in Samcheonpo in January, he went around Suwon, Asan, Busan, and Changwon to play practice games. However, the reason Coach Park conducted the practice game was slightly different. In general, it is a practice game and horse for game sense and tactical check.

Coach Park said, “When I first came (Samcheonpo Girls’ Middle School), the players even changed their feet from right to left, and the ball was taken away. He lacks skills compared to other school players. Acknowledging this, he grasped the reality. If even one person was injured, I couldn’t participate in the competition (due to a lack of personnel), and I couldn’t practice enough, so I only watched other school players’ games through video. But it’s definitely different from what you see in real life. So, rather than vaguely preparing, I played a practice game against another school even though it was obvious that I would lose by dozens of points.”

He continued, “I wanted to let our players feel how lacking they are so that they don’t become frogs in the well. Even if the coach talks about it for a hundred days, isn’t it different from confronting it directly? He hoped it would be an opportunity to overcome his own problems rather than confirming the strength of other teams. (In terms of game results) I feel sorry for the opponent, but I had a great experience,” he said, announcing the results of the practice game. 슬롯사이트

However, Coach Park did not insist on practicing games only. He said, “The senior leaders said, ‘Even if I lose 100 points, I have to keep playing (practice).’ I agree that experience is important, but I think there are exceptions. If you go to the battlefield without weapons, you will be defeated. Players who are just starting to learn the basics and don’t know if they have a weapon or not, can lack confidence when they play against a player who has multiple weapons. In fact, there are friends who left the team because of this problem. Bumping should also be a basic skill, and this requires time,” he said, saying that team management should be tailored to the situation.

He added, “Mental strength is important. It is important to have a willingness to try it no matter who comes. When you are in middle school, it is not important whether you are good at basketball or not, but it is the time when you need to know why you play basketball and why you need to do this training. You need to build up your mental strength to go on a professional path. During my school days, I also worked with the mindset that it had to be basketball. He expressed his affection for his students, saying, “I plan to instill a sense of desperation and mental strength in our players and bring them to high school.”

Coach Park, who usually invests a lot of time in his players, said, “Basically, you have to do it because you like basketball. Otherwise, one day you will get sick. It’s just not middle school. Even if it’s already late, I’m going to take it one step at a time. However, (basketball) should not end with only good things. If you want to go pro or college, you need to have more weapons. It may not be the correct answer, but based on my experience, I am trying to give the players the best possible environment.”

This is slowly coming to light. Coach Park said, “The players know that they are lacking, so they don’t compromise with themselves. He doesn’t even force individual workouts, but everyone said they came out voluntarily. I wanted to help him feel and walk on his own path, but the effect is showing,” he said with a hearty smile.

Lastly, Coach Park said, “Samcheonpo Girls’ Middle School is an environment where you can only exercise. Home and school are close, and the school considers the convenience of players as much as possible. There is no place like here to play basketball,” he said, hoping for the revival of Samcheonpo Girls’ Middle School.

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