White Sox general manager, “Our pitcher has never slept during the game.”

The Chicago White Sox confronted the revelations of Keenan Middleton (New York Yankees), who left the team, as an inaccurate story.

The Associated Press and NBC Sports said on the 8th (Korean time), “The White Sox executives responded to Middleton’s claim that ‘the team has 안전놀이터 no rules, so rookie relievers fall asleep in the bullpen during games, and players miss meetings and training.’ objected,” he said.

Middleton, who joined the White Sox ahead of this season and left for the Yankees through a trade on the 2nd, recently revealed the inside atmosphere of the White Sox.

Middleton claimed that the players were not properly controlled, saying “there were no rules in the squad”. At the same time, he explained that rookie pitchers sleep during games, and some pitchers skip defensive drills, but the club does not issue discipline.

In fact, the argument about the team’s situation, which was so disorganized that it was difficult to see it as a major league club, was enough to shock.

The White Sox responded.

White Sox general manager Rick Hahn and White Sox manager Pedro Grifol both said, “Middleton’s comments are inaccurate.” Even so, he explained that the team had internal problems and was focusing on building a winning culture.

“We’ve been talking about culture since the first day in charge, and about three to four weeks ago, we raised the issue again,” said Grifol, who took over the White Sox’ helm at the end of last year. are moving forward,” he said.

General manager Han emphasized that “there were no relievers dozing off in the bullpen,” adding, “The club has a beast with a severe sleep disorder who can take a nap in the clubhouse as prescribed by a doctor.”

He denied Middleton’s claims, saying, “There has never been a reliever who has slept in the bullpen during a game all year. That’s wrong.”

General manager Han and coach Grifol said there were players who violated the team rules, but they were also disciplined within the team. He added that he would not disclose it because it happened at the clubhouse.

However, it was revealed that Middleton was one of the players on the team who broke the rules.

“Honestly, it’s a bit ironic that Middleton would say this. The last time I had a face-to-face meeting with Middleton was a week ago at this clubhouse where he came to me and apologized for unprofessional behavior,” Han said. I called him for a private interview, and Middleton wanted to apologize for it.”

Despite the White Sox’s clarification, Middleton stood by his point and said, “I don’t want to comment further.”

“My focus right now is to get the Yankees moving forward and into the postseason,” he added.

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