Vietnam baseball team final selection, ‘list submission complete’

In February, the Vietnamese national baseball team to participate in the Southeast Asian Championships was finalized.

Director Lee Jang-hyeong, who had tryouts in three cities, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Da Nang, with Vietnam national team coach Park Hyo-cheol, said to the magazine, “Through three days of tryouts and training, we confirmed the final roster and delivered it to the Vietnam Baseball Association. did.”

Vietnam’s national baseball team first competed in the Southeast Asian Games held in Jakarta in 2011. However, at the time, it was before the official Vietnam Baseball Association was created, so I participated as an invited country. Since then, Lee Jang-hyung, who took the lead in establishing the Vietnam Association with Lee Man-soo, chairman of the Hulk Foundation, was also responsible for the housekeeping of Vietnam’s national baseball tournament (National Cup).

Director Lee Jang-hyung said, “Baseball is still unfamiliar in Vietnam, as many people ask if baseball is played in Vietnam. Playing baseball in Vietnam, where the whole nation is passionate about soccer, is the exclusive property of a few people who have encountered baseball in advance, and it is highly rare. It was because it was a sporting event. There is no store specializing in baseball goods nationwide, so buying baseball goods abroad is the current state of Vietnamese baseball.” He recalled that it was virtually impossible to select a national team in such a barren environment.

In this situation, helping to establish the association, interacting with Vietnamese baseball players, wearing a baseball uniform with the ‘Golden Star Red Flag’ and playing an active part on the international stage soon appeared.

Director Lee Jang-hyeong continued, “I am so proud of them who showed their skills to the fullest while dreaming of being on the national team. I soon sent the final list of the Vietnamese baseball team written with trembling hands to the association. It was a series of tremors and tension until the moment I pressed the final key. It is a moment that can really be a dream for one person. I sat face-to-face with coach Park Hyo-cheol for several days, and yesterday I talked with the president of the association for a long time about the selection process and the future operation of the Vietnamese baseball team,” he said in Laos. He also expressed his anticipation for what Vietnam will show at the upcoming Southeast Asian Championships. 헤라카지노

Coach Park Hyo-cheol, who will officially serve as the head coach of the Vietnamese baseball team this time, said, “I don’t think about the results of only the national team. should develop evenly. In other words, I am well aware that I need to put more effort into disseminating baseball. This is the beginning.”

They are highly likely to appear in the Asian Games, including the Southeast Asian Championships to be held in Laos in February. When the final approval of the Vietnam Baseball Association is made, these national team rosters are confirmed as they are.

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