US Eastern states of emergency on Canadian wildfires, ML 2G postponed…will Yankee Stadium, ESPN be okay?

Major League Baseball is on alert for Canada’s wildfires.

Canada is currently experiencing a series of large wildfires that have reached 400 on the 8th (KST). The wildfires are so large that they are having a major impact on the United States. Smoke from the wildfires has caused the concentration of fine dust to rise sharply on the East Coast of the United States. In New York and other major cities on the East Coast, the sky turned orange, a rare occurrence.

Major League Baseball has not been spared the effects of the Canadian wildfires. The game between the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox at Yankee Stadium in New York, New York, on August 8 and the Philadelphia Phillies and Detroit Tigers at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, have both been postponed.

Both games have been rescheduled for Sept. 9. The game between the Yankees and White Sox will be played as a doubleheader. Both stadiums were open and directly affected by the particulate matter. However, at Rogers Centre, a retractable dome in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the game between the Toronto Blue Jays and Houston Astros was played with the roof closed.

If the fine dust situation does not improve, it is difficult to guarantee that the game will be played on the 9th. South Korean girl group ESPAR, which was scheduled to perform the ceremonial first pitch, has also been canceled.

먹튀검증 The group’s members Winter, Ning Ning, and Carina departed the country via Incheon International Airport for the opening ceremony on July 7. Gisele did not join the group due to health concerns. The Yankees announced on social media that Espar will throw out the ceremonial first pitch at Game 9.

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