UFC’s Kyung Ho Kang gets no bonus for 1R finish. Will he compete alongside Chung?

“I think I can fight as early as September in Australia or October or November”

“Mr Perfect” Kyung Ho Kang (35, Team Mad) defeated Christian Quiñones (27, Mexico) via rear-naked choke at 2:25 of the first round in their bantamweight bout at UFC Fight Night: Vitor Bertory vs. Cannonier at UFC Apex in Apex, Nevada, USA on 18 November.

With his eighth UFC victory, Kang moves into sole possession of second place on the all-time Korean wins list behind Dong Hyun Kim (13).

He lost 14kg in the month leading up to the fight. It was a gruelling process that saw him lose nine kilograms with a week to go and five kilograms a day before the fight.

His transformation as a striker was also complete. Even against Quiñones, who has a boxer’s style, he put on a great show, especially with his mental toughness, which surprised everyone when he was hit by Quiñones’ powerful punches.

Given the intensity of the fight, everyone expected a bonus, but alas, it was not to be. The UFC usually gives bonuses to four fighters at each event. Usually, two fighters are awarded bonuses for sharing a win and two for outstanding performances. Sometimes, all four fighters are selected for one bonus.

“They give it to two fighters who finish, but there were four finishers that day, so two got it and two didn’t,” Kang said. I tried to appeal aggressively, but I think they thought other fighters had better KOs.”

The 11-year UFC veteran’s goal is to become the UFC’s “fastest” and “most prolific” fighter. He has captured the hearts of martial arts fans and is preparing for another fight this year.

“I will fight one more fight this year,” he told Sports Seoul. I won’t be able to compete in Singapore in August because it’s only about two months away. I think I will be able to play in Australia in September or October or November at the earliest.”

We interviewed Kang Kyung-ho, who is on a never-ending upward trajectory.

  • Firstly, congratulations on becoming the second most decorated Korean in the UFC. How did your teammates and coach Yang Sung-hoon react?

They were happy for me like children, and I vowed to do my best in the future.

  • They said that this victory was the perfect wedding anniversary present. What was your wife’s reaction?

She was very happy, and I cried a lot because I had been struggling.

  • You’re back from the US, how are you feeling?

I’m back and I’m still jet lagged. I don’t have any injuries and I’m in good enough shape to fight next week.

  • I showed improvement in all areas of my game, including my striking, not to mention my grappling. One of the things that surprised me this time was how he didn’t change his expression after taking a big shot. Was it a matter of technique or mental strength?

I think it was mental strength. I had imagined it all before the match. I had anticipated all the situations where I would be beaten or cornered, so I was able to handle them without panicking at all.

  • What was it like facing Quiñones in practice?

He was a stronger opponent than I expected because he had very fast steps, good combinations and power. Luckily, my punches landed well and I think it was an easy finish.

  • Did you talk to Quiñones after the fight?

We didn’t have a deep conversation because we didn’t understand each other. He told me good job and reassured me that I was fine and that I could do better in the future 메이저사이트.

  • I remember asking Dana White after the game for a bonus. We talked about the bonus.

The bonus results came out, but I didn’t get it. They give it to the top two finishers, but there were four finishers that day, so two got it and two didn’t. I actively appealed for it, but I guess the other guys had better KOs.

  • In the post-fight interview, you could have named the ranker you wanted to fight right away, but why didn’t you?

It’s all about timing, whether it’s a fight or an opponent’s injury. If I named someone, I didn’t know if they were going to play or what their terms would be, so I didn’t name them right away to try and find someone who could match my terms and appeal to them.

  • I said, “I want to play in Singapore in August or Australia in September, I want to play one more game this year.”

I’m going to play one more game this year. Singapore is about two months away, and I don’t think I’ll be able to play Singapore because I tend to cut a lot. I think I’ll play in Australia at the earliest, maybe in October or November.

  • How would you feel if you were matched with a stronger opponent than you expected?

I would be very happy. I want to play really strong opponents and I can’t wait to get up there with the contenders.

  • Who would you like to fight.

I would like to fight #14 Chris Gutierrez (32-USA) because he lost recently. Ricky Simon (30-USA), ranked 12, also lost recently. I’ll have to fight a lower ranked player. It would be great to play either of them.

  • If you continue to improve, do you plan to extend your career?

Yes, I do. I want to play as long as my body allows me to, and I’m getting better and better, physically and mentally, so I’ll stop when I feel my limits.

  • If your child wants to be a martial artist after you.

I would be very supportive. I’m very supportive of what they want to do, so if they want to do martial arts, I’ll be proud of them and try to help them.

  • What was your childhood like, and do you have any memorable childhood moments?

I was very normal. I was very small, so I was very scared from a young age. I was a student who had never been in a fight or anything like that and was afraid of that. I’m proud to see how much I’ve grown and how mentally strong I’ve become through MMA.

  • What has been your favourite food on your journey to the US?

The rice noodles were so good that I ate at least one meal a day. I love rice noodles, but it’s hard to find the same flavour in Korea as in Las Vegas, so when I go to Las Vegas, I often eat rice noodles. I ate a lot this time too (laughs).

  • Please tell us something you really wanted to say.

I would like to say that I am very grateful and love my wife for her support and sacrifices during my matches 메이저놀이터순위.

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