‘Trade rumor’ Choi Ji-man, starts the 2nd salary adjustment with Pittsburgh… Victory again this time?

The application for the second salary adjustment in the career of American professional baseball Choi Ji-man (32, Pittsburgh Pirates) begins. The 2023 American Professional Baseball Major League (MLB) salary adjustment hearing has begun. 토토사이트

According to the Associated Press on the 2nd (Korean time), the MLB Salary Adjustment Committee issued its first verdict this year on this day. Until the 18th of this month, 23 players and their clubs await the decision of the Salary Adjustment Committee.

Choi Ji-man hoped for an annual salary of $5.4 million (about 6.6 billion won) in 2023, and Pittsburgh ran parallel with $4.65 million (5.7 billion won) before reaching the Salary Adjustment Committee.

Two years ago, Ji-man Choi faced his former team, the Tampa Bay Rays, in the Salary Adjustment Committee and received the $2.45 million he wanted as an annual salary.

However, the situation is somewhat different from then. Whether Choi Ji-man wins or not, there is a high possibility that he will carry a considerable burden. First of all, the atmosphere is that the WBC appearance that Choi Ji-man eagerly hoped for is cancelled. The Korean national team is also struggling with various situations as an alternative to only Choi.

Here, the recent trade rumors are emerging again. It’s a trade rumor that came out not long after the trade, so it’s a burdensome situation with only Choi.

The Salary Adjustment Committee plays a mediating role when a player who has played full-time for more than three years in the big leagues and his club cannot agree on an annual salary. A panel of three listens to both sides and decides on one side’s opinion as the final salary. There is no adjustment. Only, one of the opinions of both sides is chosen as the final salary.

The results of Choi Ji-man’s annual salary adjustment application are expected to come out in the middle of this month.

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