Tottenham game over… Kane considering Manchester United

Harry Kane is apparently also considering a move to Manchester United.

England’s ‘Daily Mail’ reporter Sami Mokbel said on the 28th (Korean time), “Kane’s future at Tottenham is uncertain as Manchester United are preparing a transfer offer. Kane enters the final year of his contract at Tottenham next season. Kane will definitely consider a move to Manchester United.” Reporter Mokbel is one of the reporters who is well-versed in Tottenham’s insider news.

Kane, who is called ‘Mr. Tottenham’, is a living history of the club, but it is a figure that is approaching the end of that history. This summer is the biggest turning point. Kane is at a crossroads between transfer and retention ahead of the final year of his contract. Currently, it is understood that neither side is weighted, but according to this report, there is an option for Kane to transfer.

It is true that Tottenham is going to a scenario they did not want. It is also because the club has brought on itself. Kane has said he wants to win titles every time, but Tottenham fail to reach them every year. Kane, whose loyalty to Tottenham is stronger than anyone else, was thirsty for trophies and forced a transfer to Manchester City ahead of the 2021-22 season.

So far, Kane seems to be quietly grasping the situation, but he may be pushing for a transfer. Because Man Utd’s interest is so hot. Everyone knows that Manchester United manager Eric ten Haag wants a world-class striker. As a result, Manchester United selected Kane as their top target along with Victor Osimen.

It’s not as much as during the Man City transfer wave, but Tottenham is still the top player in the contract. Because the contract period is over. Tottenham is clearly trying to use that position. Britain’s ‘Sky Sports’ said on the 25th, “Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy will not put Kane on the market regardless of whether Kane agrees to a renewal or what number Tottenham finishes in the league.” 메이저사이트

If Kane wants to transfer, he may have to move on his own, like the transfer market in the summer of the 2021-22 season. It is known that Manchester United has no intention of prolonging the transfer history because they are well aware of the negotiating attitude with Chairman Levy. In response, ‘Sky Sports’ argued, “Kane will have to find a way out on his own in order to get out of Tottenham, who does not want to sell himself.”

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