‘This is the Kim Min-jae effect’… Fenerbahce-Napoli, ‘highest ever’ MF transfer negotiations

Min-jae Kim’s former team, Fenerbahce (Turkiye), and Min-jae Kim’s current team, Napoli (Italy), are negotiating an unprecedented transfer. It is to dream of a ‘second Kim Min-jae transfer success scenario’.

Kim Min-jae moved from Fenerbahce to Napoli this season. His transfer fee is 20 million euros (26.8 billion won). Kim Min-jae stood out as soon as he wore the Napoli uniform, and has now risen to the top as one of the best defenders in Serie A. Napoli, with Kim Min-jae at the forefront, caused a sensation and are running for first place in the league.

Confident in this Kim Min-jae effect, Fenerbahce plans to transfer the player to Napoli once again. Napoli, which is full of trust due to Kim Min-jae, is also watching this player closely.

The main character is Fenerbahçe midfielder Perdi Cadioglu. At the young age of 23, he is a player with a promising future. He is a key player who has been playing for Fenerbahce since 2018. Since 2022, he has been selected and active in the Turkish national team. 메이저놀이터

On the 30th (Korean time), Turkiye’s ‘aksam’ said, “Fenerbahce is trying another transfer after Kim Min-jae. They plan to send Cardioglu to Naples. Napoli also watched Cardioglu with great interest. Naples has watched Cardioglu’s talent for a long time.”

The media continued, “Napoli officials also observed Fenerbachero and Cardioglu. Napoli, which judged Fenerbachero and Cardioglu as talented players, is considering all possibilities. Both teams have been satisfied with the negotiations with Kim Min-jae. Positive relationship between the two clubs. will lead the negotiations more smoothly.”

According to the media, if the transfer of Cadioglu is made, a new record for the highest transfer fee in the history of the Turkish League will be created. Cardioglu’s transfer fee is estimated at 25 million euros (33.5 billion won).

The media said, “Napoli is preparing to pay a transfer fee of 25 million euros to Cadioglu. With the transfer expected, if the transfer takes place, it will be sold as the most expensive player in the history of the Turkish League. In this sense, this Cadioglu transfer is a big event that will change the history of Turkish football. Italian media are also constantly reporting Cadioglu’s transfer to Naples. The excitement and anticipation continues.”

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