The vanguard of the original team → captain for two consecutive years → fall baseball Jeong Aim, if you add the ‘preliminary FA buff’…

‘Little Giant’ Kim Seon-bin (34) is the captain of the KIA Tigers again this year.

It is true that expectations and concerns went back and forth when he was first appointed as captain last year. As a franchise star, he understood not only the team culture but also coach Kim Jong-guk’s propensity better than anyone else, and the view that he would be at the forefront of the rebound, and the worry about whether he would overcome the weight of the captain’s armband for the first time since his debut coexisted.

The result was a happy ending. KIA, which finished 9th in the 2021 season, tasted autumn baseball through fierce competition in the top 5 last year, which was the first season that started under manager Kim’s system. Although it is regrettable that he stopped in the first game of the wild card match, unlike the previous year when he collapsed helplessly and fell to 9th place, he regained his tenacity as a tiger.

Captain Kim Sun-bin’s role was not small. Since the spring camp, he has actively communicated with his seniors and juniors and worked hard to practice the ‘One Team’ and ‘Team First’ that coach Kim pursues. Seeing Kim Seon-bin like this, veteran players such as Choi Hyung-woo (40), Yang Hyeon-jong (35), and Na Seong-beom (34) began to actively support him. It was evaluated that the atmosphere of the KIA locker room and dugout has definitely changed amid these efforts. Director Kim smiled broadly whenever he discussed Kim Seon-bin, saying, “(The captain) is doing very well.” Filling the captain’s armband for two consecutive years is proof of this trust. 먹튀검증

KIA’s goal this year is ‘beyond fall baseball’. It has been on a steady decline since V11 in 2017, but only managed to rebound last year. However, when looking back at the considerable amount invested by recruiting Yang Hyeon-jong (4 years total of 10.3 billion won) and Na Seong-beom (6 years total of 15 billion won), it is not possible to be satisfied with the rebound. Not only manager Kim, who entered the second year, but all members are full of will to regain the pride of the KBO league’s most winning team.

This season is the last season of Kim Sun-bin’s first free agent season. It is true that the burden on Kim Sun-bin, who is even wearing the captain’s armband ahead of his second FA qualification, will inevitably be higher than last year. However, it is true that his performance on and off the field during his first free agent season raises expectations for his success rather than concerns about his upcoming season. The fruit of the season called ‘FA’ may appear as a synergy of higher concentration and performance. Eyes are focused on the big step that the ‘Little Giant’ will make towards the new season.

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