The Korean PBA is an arena of competition for World Cup champions. Following Sanchez and Choi Seong-won, Seiginer, Choclue, Chenet, and Lee Choong-bok join

Frederick Kudron and Daniel Sanchez, who dominated the world 3-Cushion World Cup, and Semi Seiginer, Nashi Choclue, and Rupi Chennet, who threatened them from the top, and Koreans Jae-ho Cho, Seong-won Choi, Dong-gung Kang, and Choong-bok Lee in Korea will compete for the 2023-2024 season Korea PBA Championship. fiercely contested in Kang-ho, who has taken on a new challenge on the PBA stage, where Kudron, Kasido Costas, Kang Dong-gung, and Jo Jae-ho have established their roots early, is Sanchez, Seiginer, Choclue, Chenet, Nguyen Duc An Chien from overseas and Choi Seong-won and Lee Choong-bok from domestic groups. 11 people. First of all, the 2023 season championship, which starts in June with the joining of those who have completed player registration, is expected to be an unpredictable slugfest. The strongest challenger is Sanchez. He is the world’s best player who can fight against Kudron right away and is second in the UMB (World Billiards Federation) ranking. He has won the World Cup 16 times and the World Championship 4 times. Seiginer and Choklu, who won the World Cup multiple times, and Chenet and Chien, who were runners-up, also have top-notch shots to look forward to winning. Choi Seong-won, who formed the domestic top 4 along with Kim Hyung-jik, Heo Jeong-hwan, and Jo Jae-ho, and Lee Chung-bok, the runner-up in the 2022 Vegel 3-Cushion World Cup, are domestic strong players who will stop the foreign players from playing solo. With their addition, the PBA has become as majestic as the World Cup, and it has reached the point where Korea, Spain, Turkey, and Vietnam can compete against each other. However, conquering the top of the new powerhouse is not so easy.

This is because strong players such as Kudron, Kasido Costas, Martinez, and Zapata, who have already been optimized for the PBA and have won championships, and domestic players Jae-ho Jo, Dong-gung Kang, and Min-goo Kang, are strong enough to defend themselves.

The first challenge for new players is their ability to adapt to the rules.

PBA is a 15-point set system. It can be a bit unfamiliar to those who have been used to the 40 or 50 point time system or point system. Although they look similar, the short-breathing set system, which can be over in an instant if you follow the flow, and the long-breathing scoring system, which can overturn the game with a rush even if pushed, are quite different.

Compared to the attack time limit, it is an area where you can adapt quickly, but bank shots are not formidable. UMB’s bank shot is equally worth 1 point, but PBA’s are 2 points 온라인카지노.

It can be as different as soccer, which accumulates 1 point, and baseball, which can score up to 4 runs per home run. Existing PBA players have been practicing bank shots for a long time, so it can be a pretty big weakness for ‘PBA rookies’.

So, the day when Kudron and Sanchez, Jo Jae-ho and Choi Seong-won meet in the final may not come as easily as expected.

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