The identity of the revealer is more important than the ‘Kim Seo-hyun fraudulent account scandal’

Legally, they are victims, but there are cases where they are socially criticized. Such was the case of a male actor’s cell phone hacking that turned the Korean entertainment industry upside down a few years ago. As the ID and password of the cloud used by the actor were leaked, sensitive personal information, photos, and the contents of text messages exchanged with acquaintances fell into the hands of the blackmailer.

The text messages circulated through some communities were shocking as they included derogatory remarks about women with famous actors, sexual conversations, and non-consensual filming. The image of the actor as well as several male actors who were mentioned together suffered a major blow and stopped all entertainment activities. Although they were obviously victims of hacking and their personal lives were leaked, they suffered a greater blow than the hackers.

A similar thing happened to Hanwha Eagles rookie pitcher Kim Seo-hyun. As soon as the Arizona spring camp in the United States started, Kim Seo-hyun was on the cutting board of criticism. In January, during the rookie training period in Seosan, controversy arose as posts of “gossip” for coaches and fans posted on his social media (SNS) sub-account spread throughout the baseball community. As a result of checking the facts at the club, Seohyun Kim’s account was correct. After much consideration, Hanwha gave Kim Seo-hyun a 3-day training exclusion and a fine instead of discipline.

After the punishment, Kim Seo-hyun stood in front of the players and reporters and bowed her head in apology. It is known that he apologized to his seniors by visiting each room in the dorm. The apology of tears softened the criticism a little, but it was already after a week of intensive fire had already devastated it. In other words, even before the first-round rookie debuted, he was ‘scratched’.

The Kim Seo-hyun scandal has ended, but a bitter aftertaste remains. An official from Team A shook his head, saying, “The post Kim Seo-hyun posted on social media is definitely wrong. The article in question does not contain any anti-social content. It was at the level of a young player grumbling behind him. An official from the front line said, “Isn’t there an old proverb, ‘You can curse at the Lord when you can’t see it?’ If you open your cell phone right away, everyone will have a record of exchanging complaints and complaints with family and friends. It is regrettable that it seems to be going into an atmosphere that is not even tolerated.”

An official from the publicity team of Team B , a baseball “person of interest” with 30,000

followers, said, “Rookie players who joined the pros are young at the age of 18-19. “You have to be aware and responsible as a professional athlete and be conscious of the fact that everything you say and do can be seen by others. There is no way,” he advised.

In fact, there is a fundamental problem other than Kim Seo-hyun’s social media controversy. It is through the SNS of Mr. A, who calls himself a ‘pitching analyst’, that Kim Seo-hyun’s sub-account writing is known to the outside world. Mr. A released a captured image of Kim Seo-hyun’s sub-account post in the form of answering a follower’s question. As this spread to the community, the controversy spread. Although Kim Seo-hyun is a victim whose private space was unintentionally exposed, all the blame was directed at Kim Seo-hyun as an individual. 먹튀검증

Mr. A has frequently posted unconfirmed revealing posts related to baseball players, baseball players, and clubs before. He has been criticizing and exposing the real names of not only league ace pitchers but also managers, coaches, and commentators. Some of the baseball fans thirsty for the behind-the-scenes story of the baseball world became “influencers” with 30,000 followers as some people followed Mr. A. In particular, in recent years, he has become a ‘person of interest’ in the baseball world by intensively posting notice posts of exposure, criticism, and threats targeting several star players.

An official from a club from the legal profession said, “Since last year, we have been keeping an eye on Mr. A at the club level.” It’s not like I’m there, it’s almost like I’m at the club,” he said.

Another official from the club said, “Isn’t Kim Seo-hyun’s SNS the only thing that has been revealed as true among the contents revealed by the account? It is exaggerated or obviously false,” he said. “I know that other clubs and players besides ours are preparing legal responses.”

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