The highest number of 6 representatives It is obviously a slope… Half joy and half worry. Avoid the WBC curse

It is definitely a joy and my pride increases. But on the other hand, there are also concerns.

The LG Twins discharged 6 out of 30 members of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) team in March, becoming the team with the most emissions.

Three pitchers including save king Woo-seok Ko, hold king Jung Woo-yeong, and new face Kim Yun-sik were included, and among the fielders, three players were included: Golden Glove Oh Ji-hwan, national team veteran Kim Hyun-soo, and FA success story Park Hae-min.

The fact that the most players were included in the national team, which the Hanwha Eagles did not produce, proves that there are many top-class players. Of course, there are many good players like this, so they are considered candidates for the championship.

There was a time when only 1 or 2 people were selected, so now LG can be said to be the strongest power ever.

But there are also concerns. This is because the WBC will be held in March, so improving the condition a month early can be too much for the players.

In the meantime, among the players who participated in the 토토 WBC, there were some cases where the KBO League performance fell that year. That’s why it was also called ‘The Curse of the WBC’. So, some of the players seemed to avoid the WBC, which did not offer military service benefits.

This season, LG is challenging to win for the first time in 29 years since 1994. LG, which ranked 3rd by 1.5 games in the 2021 season and 2nd by 2 games last year, is aiming to win the regular league this season. In order to do that, the performance of 6 representative players is essential. If participating in the WBC leads to an injury or a decline in regular season results, it will inevitably suffer a big blow.

Among the six players, only Kim Hyeon-soo has experienced the WBC. He competed in the WBC in 2009 and 2013. Even after participating in the WBC, Kim Hyun-soo did not experience a drop in performance. He seems to have to learn his know-how well.

LG only hopes that the six players will play the WBC in good health and grow further to lead the team to victory this season.

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