Strict, strict… Ten Haag’s 3 locker room rules

Coach Eric ten Haag applied strict discipline to the squad.

Manchester United has changed noticeably since the appointment of Ten Hag as manager. It’s not just about improving performance and improving grades. It is not uncommon to hear that the atmosphere inside the Manchester United squad as well as the atmosphere at the training ground has changed. Manchester United, which had been shaken since Sir Alex Ferguson laid down the baton, is finally finding stability with the arrival of manager Ten Haag.

In the background was coach Ten Haag’s strict application of discipline. Ten Hag has been known for being strict since his days at Ajax. Ten Haag’s strictness continued at Manchester United. Head coach Ten Haag set rules for the squad, including a strict dress code, meal times, no smartphone use, and severe penalties for breaking these rules.

There were also locker room rules. Manchester United midfielder Fred testified. In a recent interview with the British Times, Fred said, “Ten Haag has three rules in the locker room: never be late, never do something wrong, and always do what you can to help your teammates. And these are really important.” said.

Coach Ten Haag’s discipline does not cover the stars of the players. Coach Ten Hagh put Marcus Rashford on the bench in the match against Wolverhampton held on December 31 last year (Korean time). Rashford is the heart of Manchester United’s attack, and from the manager’s point of view, who has to choose the best way to win, there was no reason to exclude Rashford from the selection. Rashford is also showing good performance, so many people questioned Rashford’s exclusion from the selection. 토토사이트

The reason was perception. After the game, many local media outlets explained that it was because Rashford overslept and was late for the team meeting before the game. Rashford also accepted Ten Haag’s instructions, saying, “There is a clear rule. It was unfortunate that I couldn’t start, but I understand the manager’s decision. I overslept and was late for the team meeting.” On this day, Rashford stepped on the ground as a substitute at the start of the second half and scored the winning goal in the 31st minute of the second half.

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