Stop being angry!… ‘Internal dissatisfaction’ towards Barça FW increases

Barcelona’s internal dissatisfaction with Rafinha is increasing.

Barcelona drew 0-0 with Getafe in the 29th round of Spanish La Liga in the 2022-23 season held at the Coliseum Alfonso Perez in Getafe, Spain on the 16th at 11:15 pm (Korean time).

It was a disappointing result for Barcelona. After being eliminated from the Copa del Rey and European competitions, Barcelona’s only chance of winning the title was the league. Of course, the gap with ‘2nd place’ Real Madrid was quite large, but in order to eliminate variables as much as possible, we wanted to quickly accumulate victory points and confirm the championship early. Even though it was an away game, Barcelona dominated the game. But it didn’t come to fruition. Of the 15 shots attempted in 90 minutes, not a single one was able to shake Getafe’s net.

Players may become dissatisfied because the game is not going well. As we approached the end of the second half, Barcelona players often showed regret every time they missed a chance. But it shouldn’t be so severe that it raises eyebrows. However, Rafinya has been at the center of controversy due to its rather radical action. Starting as a right winger, he was replaced by Pablo Torre in the 43rd minute of the second half. Rafinya, who could not play full-time, hit the bench as if dissatisfied with the replacement, and was sitting on the grass, not a chair, with a pouty expression.

In response, Spanish journalist Maria Garrido voiced criticism. According to Barça Universal, who reports Barcelona news, Garrido said: “Rafinha’s behavior annoys people. He thinks he is Neymar. I think Rafinha is contributing more minutes to the team than he is. “I think he’s getting paid. But he complains. It’s the worst.”

Rafinya explained about this scene. According to Spanish media ‘Diario Sport’, he said: “It’s normal. I just expressed my dissatisfaction with the game. We drew and it annoyed me. I wanted to stay on the pitch.”

However, despite the explanation, Rafinya’s reputation within the team seems to have been slightly undermined. ‘Barça Universal’ quoted Fernando Polo, a reporter for Spain’s ‘Mundo Deportivo’, as saying, “The Barcelona coaching staff and some players did not like Rafinha’s behavior against Getafe.” He also revealed that the atmosphere in the Barcelona locker room was not good due to Rafinha’s anger.

This isn’t the first time Rafinha has been dissatisfied after being replaced. In a match against Manchester United in February, Rafinha was substituted in the 38th minute of the second half. He sat on the bench after being substituted, but was unable to win and punched the chair in front of him several times. 메이저사이트

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