‘Son Heung-min’s teacher’ Pink coach “I want to play the Korean national team”

German head coach Thorsten Fink, who coached Son Heung-min in the past, has directly stated that he wants to lead the vacant Korean national soccer team.
I am interested in whether I can be selected as a ‘Bento successor’ because I am a ‘Jihanpa’ and I know Asian soccer well.
This is an exclusive report by reporter Kook Young-ho.

Coach Fink, who played as a player in Germany’s prestigious Bayern Munich, coached Son Heung-min for two seasons from 2011 when he was at the Hamburg command tower.

Seeing and nurturing his potential, the then 19-year-old Son Heung-min was able to win and win by scoring 12 goals in the regular league.

Director Fink has a deep relationship with Korea, coaching Park Joo-ho in Basel, Switzerland, and Lee Jin-hyun in Vienna, Austria.

For two years from 2019, he took the leadership of Vissel Kobe, Japan, and won two championships. His flexible tactics and thinking are considered his strengths, and he is currently showing a strong will for the position of coach of the Korean national soccer team.

▶ Interview (☎): Thorsten Fink

  • “I know a little about the Korean football market because I played against Korean teams, and I know the strengths of Korean players and what they need. I also have a clear idea about the system.”

Coach Pink also revealed that ‘salary is not a big issue, and I want to live in Korea with the coaching staff and lead the national team’.

It is more suitable in terms of cost and living conditions in Korea than Bielsa and Klinsman, who are known to have been named in the first round of candidates.

However, it is necessary to verify that coach Pink has never led the national team and whether he can inherit Bento football. 온라인바카라

▶ Interview: Müller / National Team Reinforcement Committee Chairman

  • “It will be an important requirement to know what Korean football wants and what steps it is trying to take in the meantime.”

Pink is emerging as a new candidate in a situation where it was reported through foreign media that Chichi, who led the Brazilian national team, and Bordalas, who led Spain’s Valencia, refused to go to Korea.

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