“Similar to Messi as a child”… Barça embrace 18-year-old Argentinian prospect

An Argentinian prospect with a talent similar to Lionel Messi has appeared.

According to a report by Spain’s ‘Marca’ on the 22nd (Korean time), Daniel Pandolfi, president of Perro, said in an interview, “Barcelona told me that Lucas Roman (18)’s talent is similar to Messi’s.”

Previously, Barcelona officially announced the signing of Roman through the official website on the 19th. His transfer fee is 1.2 million euros (approximately 1.6 billion won), and his contract period is known to last until 2026.

Roman, from the Argentine club Pero, is evaluated as having the potential to grow into a top-class striker, showing off his solid physique and flamboyant personal skills despite his young age.

The expectations placed on Roman are high. Barcelona indirectly revealed its expectations by inserting a buyout clause of 400 million euros (approximately 530 billion won) into Roman’s contract.

There are many opinions that it is similar to the time of Messi recruitment. Barcelona signed 13-year-old Messi from New Wells Old Boys in 2000.

Marca analyzed, “Barcelona will hope that the signing of Roman will have a positive impact on the club, just as Messi did.” 메이저놀이터

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