Scout, who made a ‘decision to save the country’, led the way to recapture the LNG No. 1 spot

Scout saved the team from the first defeat with a ‘decision to save the country’.

On the 8th at 6:00 pm, in the 2023 LPL Spring Week 4, Day 3 match held in two regions of China (Suzhou-Shanghai), WE defeated BLG 2-1 and LNG defeated OMG 2-1, respectively.

In the LNG-OMG match that followed the first match, Tarzan-Scout’s LNG was driven to the brink of defeat, but won with a miracle ‘back door’ judgment.

In the first set, Lining Gaming Esports (LNG)’s mid laner scout became ‘Hwang Kaout (Emperor + Scout)’.

In the 28-minute match between the two teams, scout (Jace) brought the elder dragon buff to the team by single-handedly defeating opposing mid laner Crem (Victor) in an elder dragon battle led by LNG, who had acquired the soul of chemical engineering. .

The fight did not return the pendulum of the match, and eventually ended with LNG’s victory in the 36th minute.

In the second set, Oh My God (OMG)’s mid laner Crem gave the team victory as the champion allowed ‘only for the strong’.

In the bottom match, events in favor of LNG occurred, but they did not affect the game calmly.

Krem, who played Yone, a traditional counterpick against long-distance supporters, made the opponent’s LP-Hang (Jin-Ash) a walking 300 won after 10 minutes of game time, and collected the opponent’s bounty with top laner Shanji (Xante). did.

Krem, who grew up thanks to the ‘infinite money supply’, led the team to victory by inserting 6,000 damage without so-called ‘poking’ in the last 34 minutes of the sea dragon battle.

In the long-awaited 3rd set, OMG was on the verge of winning and allowed a reversal.

The match unfolded in LNG’s lead from the beginning, but OMG won the battle with the Elder Dragon in the 37th minute, displaying superpowers to overturn the unfavorable battle situation.

In the engagement, Aki (Goku) and Pipigot (Alasta) were responsible for the team’s victory, with continuous airborne attacks and Able (Samira) digging into them, dealing damage approaching 9000 damage.

In the ensuing situation, Tarzan, who was the sole survivor of LNG, was bitten by OMG’s top-jungle-support (Shanji-Aki-Pipigat/Xante-Wukong-Alista) and died immediately after the team members’ resurrection, and LNG was outnumbered by the elder dragon. It became a situation where we had to fight.

However, Scout-Zika made a ‘decision to save the country’ and used teleport to the top line, eventually destroying the opponent’s nexus, bringing victory with excellent judgment.

As a result, LNG (4 wins, set +7) again rose to the top of the LPL, which was dominated by the ‘top presidential candidate’ YSKM (iG, 4 wins, 1 loss). On the other hand, OMG, who lost after a hard fight, stopped at 8th place (2 wins, 2 losses, set +1).

Meanwhile, in the first match, a cataclysmic event occurred in which BLG lost to WE.

The cause was a poor initial design to eat the game raw. 바카라사이트

In the first set, Bilibili Gaming (BLG) showed off a miraculous line battle where they were killed from the top-bottom in just 2 minutes. Elk, who faced the opponent’s ranged dealer combination, was killed in the tower in 2 minutes with useless movements, and in the 4th minute, he showed a crazy performance by dashing forward into the middle of the opponent in full condition and ended his life.

BLG, who played with the opponent’s ‘range’ from the beginning, even Yagao (Rise) inflicted 4916 damage, not much different from support on (damage done 3694), and achieved a great failure by ‘eating raw’.

They won the 2nd set, but in the 3rd set, BLG’s ‘eating raw’ was still the same.

Even though the opposing WE’s bots were champions (Jin-Ashe) with much stronger laning, BLG showed an unknown game management in which they fought in the enemy camp near the bottom from the beginning. In the beginning, supporter On (Pike) was killed.

If the game had been played from the beginning near the top line (Bin, Renekton-Biu-Biu, Sion), the result would have changed 180 degrees, but the jungle difference caused by this ‘eating raw’ resulted in the top line It worked as a big handshake to hug Bin, who was tightly gripped, and in 5 minutes, the top, jungle, and bottom all suffered death and self-destructed.

The match, which was progressing with a wide gap, culminated in the 22nd minute with WE’s acquisition of the baron, which gave strength to ‘distance poking’. After continuing to push in, WE ended the game with a one-sided 4-1 exchange in the team fight in front of the dragon in the 32nd minute.

After winning the rightful victory, WE jumped to 5th place in the league (3 wins, 2 losses, set 0). It is an excellent pace that exceeds the expectations of this magazine, which initially thought that 3 wins was the limit. On the other hand, BLG, which was eaten raw, was in ninth place (2 wins, 2 losses, set 0) and could not avoid the ‘BLG’ of history and tradition.

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