Samsung focusing on reinforcing mounds such as Yuk Seon-yup Park Jun-yong Jung Min-sung…”Do my best to become the centerpiece pitcher of the Samsung dynasty”

Samsung focused on bolstering its mound with the 2024 Rookie Draft, selecting Yuk Sun-yup (Jang Chung-go) in the first round and Park Jun-yong (Suseong) in the second round.

Samsung selected Yuk Sun-yup (pitcher, Jang Chung-go), Park Jun-yong (pitcher, Soosung University), Jeong Min-sung (pitcher, Gunsan Sangil University), Kim Sung-kyung (pitcher, Songwon University), Kim Ho-jin (infielder, Gwangju Jinju University), Shin Shin-min (pitcher, Daegu University), Lee Hyun-joon (infielder, Hanyang University), Lee Jae-ho (infielder, Dongguk University), Kim Jae-hyung (catcher, Deoksugo University), and Yoo Byung-sun (infielder, Kyungdong University) through the draft.메이저놀이터

Yuk Sun-yeop has all the conditions to become a starting pitcher, including a fastball, changeup, and stamina, based on his excellent physical condition of 190 centimeters tall and 90 kilograms. With his physical condition and excellent work ethic, he is expected to be a part of the starting staff in the future.

“I am honored to join the prestigious Samsung Lions and thank you for your kind words. I will do my best to become a good pitcher who can become the center of the Samsung dynasty.”

Park Jun-yong, who was one of the best-rated college players in the draft, is a 185-centimeter, 92-kilogram right-hander with a stable delivery and game management skills.

The team appreciated the fact that Park developed his ideal pace after attending Suseong University. The team plans to develop him into a starting pitcher in the future as he has the ability to digest excellent innings.

Jung Min-sung, a right-hander who led Gunsan Sangil High School to the National High School Baseball Championship, has a heavy fastball and a perfect slider. He has good hardware at 183 centimeters tall and 90 kilograms. He is expected to develop into a bullpen pitcher with the ability to strike out batters by utilizing his strengths.

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