Ryu Hyun-jin, 4 scoreless innings in Single A…37th ball digestion.

Toronto Blue Jays’ Ryu Hyun-jin also successfully completed his second rehabilitation appearance.

Ryu Hyun-jin started the home game 먹튀검증 against Tampa Tafons (under the New York Yankees) at TD Ball Park in Dunedin, Florida, on the 10th (Korea Standard Time) and recorded three hits, one strikeout, and no runs in four innings.

The total number of pitches is 37. The efficiency stood out. He turned the opposing batters around with eight balls in the first inning, five balls in the second inning, and seven balls in the third inning. I struggled a little in the fourth inning and threw 17. There were 27 strikes, 10 of which passed through the swing or strike zone.

Based on the stadium’s electronic display, the maximum speed was 88 miles, but the actual speed is expected to be more.

I struggled in the first inning, but I got lucky. In the first inning, the ball pushed by Jesus Rodriguez was caught in the right fielder glove in front of the fence. The next batter, Ben Rice, was allowed a long hit to the left-center, but Rice was out because she was greedy to third base. The tag was made by a narrow margin, and when the referee’s out signal came out, Rice jumped and was disappointed.

After the second inning, it seemed to have stabilized, and weak hits came out one after another. In the third inning, he turned all three batters to ground balls.

He allowed his first base in the fourth inning. He induced a ground ball to third base with a change-up against Jared Serna, but the runner lived due to the high third baseman’s throw.

Ryu Hyun-jin, who pitched in the set position for the first time, was not shaken. He induced a ground ball rolling in front of the shortstop in the second inning and erased the runner with a double play that led to shortstop-second baseman-first baseman.

Rice was Ryu Hyun-jin’s natural enemy. In the second match, he also got on base with a right-handed hit that escaped between first and second bases. Oma Martinez also allowed a left-handed hit, leading to a two-out, first and second base crisis.

The match against Brenny Escanio went to the full count. The 76-mile change-up went outside in the sixth pitch, and the referee declared a strikeout.

Single A is video-readable for strike ball decisions. The batter, who could not accept the decision, asked for a video reading, but the reading result was also a strike, ending the inning.

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