PSG’s big decision to let Lee go for ‘Korean Agem gold’… Batong to Hwang Sun-hong…

Now, Hwang Sun-hong is time to create a good job to make this Kang-in.

The Football Association (KFA) on the 15th, “As a result of the team PSG Koo Kang-in’s team’s team’s final round of the European Football Association.Accordingly, Lee Kang-in official announced on the 20th that it will join the Asian Games national team after moving to China on the 20th.

After receiving mail on the 13 Asian Cup, KFA announced on the 13 Asian Cup Chazhou Asian Cup car to allow the 23 Asian Games in the afternoon of the 14th.Finally, he explained that PSG and discussed the background of PSG and discussions on the 20th without other premise conditions, saying that PSG and discussions were held on the 14th.

In fact, it was very opaque to join the Asian Games national team in the afternoon of the 14th.Hwang Sun-hong Asian Games team coach Hwang Sun-hong, said on the 13th, said that PSG was joined the Asian Games representative teaser.

KFA also seems to mention the part of Hwang will also refer to the part of the updated part tomorrow.PSG said that PSG said on the 13th.There is no need to hear from the association level.”

However, Hwang’s shyness of Hwang’s shyness in Paju NFC on the 14th.He said, ” answer”.Personally is communicating with Kang.Lee Kang-in wants to join soon.However, the timing of joining PSG and joining PSG.At the negotiations are closely communicating with PSG.As soon as soon as possible, it is decided to join the team, saying, “I hope that it was not agreed to be agreed to be concluded.”

In addition, Hwang said, “We haven’t received a reply to when he was officially joined.I’m frustrating about that part.The 13th that injuries were completely recovered, but there is still no official answer, but there is still no official answer.”소닉카지노

Hwang Sun-hong’s plan to organize the three consecutive Asian Games gold medals, which set the gold medal in the three consecutive Asian Games gold medal.He said, “I hope you’ll come back before two games, but I don’t think it’s not that part.I think I’m going to do many conditions in PSG.They put things like the Asian Cup Yeoreum in January.I hope that the consultation is well, so I hope that Lee Kang-in has been able to join the team soon.”

As Lee Kang-in joined late, it will have been frustrated in the position of respiratory power with his colleagues, so it would have been frustrated in the position of Hwang Sun Hong Sun Hong Sun-hong.

However, PSG was greatly changed the position of PSG was greatly changed.On the 15th, a reporter of the European football news, “PSG is understood that PSG was decided to give Cheongshin signals before the Asian Games.PSG reportedly announced on the Asian Games issue of Lee Kang-in’s Asian Games.

After the report came out, the official announcement of KFA’s official announcement.PSG decided to send this river without any conditions.It was a very difficult decision to PSG.

PSG was unable to find alternatives while leaving the team at the same time.A lot of recruitment, funny recruitment such as Hambele, funny, and Dalgom was not suitable for players who can solve attacks in the center.

Although VITY and Warren Zen Zen Zen Zen Zen Zar, he was unable to find a certain answer in the attack assembly.Accordingly, Louis Enrike PSG and his coaching staff were the midfielder.

French media “RACLE” says, “PSG is a player to create this river.PSG should find a new creator, Messi and Numa should find new creative characters.Coach Nari believes Lee Kang-in, and staff are reportedly reported that Kang-in wants to transform this Kang.

Originally, the coach Nari was classified as a right side winger.However, the clear resources of the right wing fishing boat was reinforced, and the left wing, and the left wing, and the left wing was disappeared.

If Lee Kang-in continues to consider this Kang-in, it was difficult to be difficult to this Kang-in, it was difficult to help Lee Kang-in.Fortunately, the role of Lee Kang-in’s trust and coaching staff.

PSG was a Charlie who was preparing to change the play maker.As Lee Kang-in was injured before September, he was injured as a player in the stadium, he was injured as a player.PSG was reluctant to send this Kang-in-in-law ahead of important changes, but the competition for the player’s career.

It was confirmed that Lee Kang-in’s willingness to win the Asian Games, but it would be not easy decision to this Kang-in’s not easy decision.Lee Kang-in, who transferred to PSG, is not yet possible to guarantee the main position.In order to receive a total love of NCG, it is better to continue to perform the team.

Under the home finals, Lee Kang-in will not make four games until the final Asian Games finals, Cleopatra, Newcastle, Newcastle, Newcastle, Newcastle, Newcastle, Newcastle, Newcastle, Newcastle, and Star.Among them, if other players climb up to the main position, Lee Kang-in will start competition from Zero base.There are a lot of changes in the team, and the results of a particular player can be happy to come out.

Now, the key coach Hwang will catch up.

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