“Please refrain from radical behavior” Hanshin win imminent, safety warnings. Osaka is stirring

The Hanshin Tigers are set to win the regular season for the first time in 18 years. Osaka is already excited.

Hanshin beat the Yomiuri Giants 4-0 at Koshien Stadium in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, on the 13th. 10 consecutive wins. On the same day, when Hiroshima Toyokaf lost to the Yakult Swallows, Hanshin’s magic number was reduced to “1”.

The first Central League title in 18 years is imminent. As Hanshin’s victory nears, downtown Osaka and the entire Kansai area are already in a festive mood. If Hanshin wins or Hiroshima loses on the 14th, the magic number will be erased and Hanshin’s victory will be confirmed.토토사이트

Japan’s Daily Sports said, “Koshien Stadium is already in a festive mood even before the game. Limited products are already on sale, and booths for commemorative photos are also open. Fans are flocking to the vicinity of Koshien Stadium, he said.

But there are also safety concerns. Hanshin is the club with the most enthusiastic fans in Japan. The most popular Japanese professional baseball team is the Yomiuri Giants based in Tokyo, and the second is the Hanshin Tigers. However, the cheering enthusiasm of Kansai fans who support Hanshin is beyond imagination. In the past, whenever Hanshin won the championship, safety accidents occurred several times due to fans jumping into the Dotonbori River in downtown Osaka.

If Hanshin wins the regular season for the first time in 18 years again, there are many safety concerns. The Osaka police are already nervous. The Hanshin club also said on the club’s official SNS account, “Throwing cheering items or paper tapes at Koshien Stadium is strictly prohibited because it interferes with the progress of the game. “I hope you don’t,” he asked. “After the game at Koshien Stadium on the 14th, big congestion is expected around the stadium and the stadium.” “The business hours of internal stores such as the team store may vary,” he said.

In addition, some stores in Osaka said, “If Hanshin wins, the store will be temporarily suspended for the safety of its employees.” The timing of the resumption of business is not clear,” it said in a notice has been made.

Osaka is also the most visited destination by Koreans as well as Korean citizens. The Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Osaka also announced, “As Hanshin is expected to win, Japanese police have warned that various safety and crowd accidents will occur due to a flood of Dotonbori on the day of the baseball team’s victory.”

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