“Please put this in, too…” 30-homer slugger rants to senior colleagues his own age

Hanwha’s ‘next-generation slugger’ 카지노사이트 Noh Si-hwan, who became the first batter born in the 2000s in the KBO League to reach 30 home runs, made nine moves in eight games and went for an interview after finishing the game against LG on the 2nd. He ended his eight-game losing streak with a 5-3 victory, and set several valuable records, including hitting 30 home runs for the first time and home runs against his former club. Noh Si-hwan, who was about to end the interview with a bright expression, suddenly grabbed the reporters, saying, “Please include this too.”

In the continued interview, Noh Si-hwan suddenly brought up NC Son Ah-seop’s name. Noh Si-hwan was born in 2000, and Son Ah-seop was born in 1988, making them 12 years apart. But what happened between the two?

“The number nine became longer because of senior Son A-seop. Really. You won’t get criticized, right?”

“No, I’m not even thinking about it, but you keep coming to ‘KakaoTalk’ and saying, ‘You’ve been chatting for nine times now, and I’m not even thinking about it, but you keep doing it. It was when I hit number 29, and from then on, you’re saying, ‘I think it’s going to last about two weeks.’ “I think it’s been exactly two weeks now.”

“And then you can’t play again the next day? ‘KakaoTalk’ comes again. ‘I told you you couldn’t play.’ So even if you don’t try to think about it, it keeps coming to mind.”

After Noh Si-hwan hit his 29th home run against KT on the 19th of last month, he was caught in the ‘nine number’ for two weeks. Until the 29th home run, a home run occurred once every 13.8 at-bats. However, in the 7 games from the 20th to the 1st, he had no home runs in 27 at-bats. On the 2nd, he only hit a double in his first at-bat and a grounder to third base in his second at-bat. I thought the nine moves would be long, but he hit a two-run home run against LG’s second pitcher, Yoo Young-chan, in the 6th inning, when he was slightly ahead 1-0.

Now it is Noh Si-hwan’s turn to counterattack Son Ah-seop. Noh Si-hwan laughed, saying, “My senior took good care of me because he was from Busan. That’s how we met, and since we were very close, we ended up joking around.” He added, “I’m going to send him to come watch the video.”

Noh Si-hwan said that he broke the nine moves by thinking backwards. “I wasn’t conscious of it, but people around me kept saying it, so I unconsciously wondered if it was really nine moves. So I tried not to be conscious of it, but before my third at-bat today, (teammate) Heo Kwan-hoe suddenly called me and said, ‘Are you conscious? Trying not to do something means being conscious. Don’t think like that, but rather be conscious. I need to hit one more. Think of it this way.’ So I said, ‘I’ll hit one,’ and went in. But I actually hit one more. So, Gwanhoe Hyung. “I was grateful,” he said, telling the story behind it.

With his 30th home run, Noh Si-hwan added various records to his resume. He became the first Hanwha player to reach 30 home runs since Lee Seong-yeol (34) and Gerard Hoying (30) in 2018. This is the 15th and 10th record in franchise history. In addition, he arched against LG, the only opponent without a home run, and even recorded a home run against the entire team this season.

He was the first KBO League player born in the 2000s to hit 30 home runs, and he also became the third player to hit 30 home runs before the age of 23, following Jong-hoon Jang in 1991 and Tae-gyun Kim in 2003. In the entire KBO league, there are only six players, including Noh Si-hwan, who hit 30 home runs before the age of 23. Kim Ki-tae in 1992, Park Jae-hong in 1996, and Lee Seung-yeop in 1997 recorded this record, and Noh Si-hwan put his name on the list after these prominent seniors.

Noh Si-hwan said, “Many people say that I am the successor to senior Kim Tae-gyun, and I really like it. I will stop saying that it is too far away. For now, I will say that I am getting closer. My senior has become a legend in the Eagles. I respect him, and I will work hard to follow him. “Yes, I think I need to be consistent. Senior Kim Tae-gyun was also consistent. I think that’s how it would be appropriate to be called Kim Tae-gyun’s successor,” he said.

– From the first at-bat, there was a big hit (double) that went all the way to the warning track. I think I had a good feeling today.

“I didn’t know it would be a double in my first at-bat. It went too high and it was Jamsil Stadium. I was disappointed because I thought it was out, but surprisingly, it went far and ended up being a double. I haven’t been feeling good at hitting lately, so I made a change, and it worked out well.”

“These days, my hips have been falling back, my left shoulder has been opening, and I haven’t been able to hit good balls. Today, I tried to bat while looking toward center field while going toward the pitcher. That worked well.”

– 30 home runs for Noh Si-hwan.

“It is a symbol of a slugger. This is his first 30 home run, and he is not a hitter who consistently hits 30 home runs, so I hope he becomes a hitter who can hit consistently.”

– How many more do you think it would be good to hit before the Asian Games?

“I want to hit about 35, but I’m not sure if there’s any particular merit to it unless I hit 40. So I’m putting aside my desire for home runs and want to take it easy since I’ve broken nine numbers.”

– Do you also look up Choi Jeong’s (2nd in home runs) records?

“I watch all five games a day, so I see if I hit it by chance or not, but I don’t necessarily look for it.”

– How does it feel to maintain the top spot in home runs?

“It’s unfamiliar. I hit 6 last year. I didn’t know it would change this much. When I started this season, I tried to become a home run hitter by adjusting my hitting point, but I didn’t expect the results to be this good. It’s better than I thought. “I’m proud to have it, and I think I’ll have to maintain this mechanism well until I retire.”

– Apart from home runs, is there anything else you feel from your full-time experience?

“There were only two times when I felt physically exhausted. I got through those times well. I had an injury the year before last year, so I wanted to show that I was healthy and healthy this year. So even when the coach asked me if I wanted to sit out, I said I would play. So I said. “The full-time season has been a good experience. I think it will be an opportunity to continue improving next year and beyond.”

– Was it difficult because it was a 2pm game after a night game?

“It wasn’t hard, and I thought I wouldn’t be able to sleep, but surprisingly I fell asleep suddenly and slept well. I was refreshed before the game, so I was able to play in good condition.”

– The pitchers will be very picky, so what have you learned?

“Honestly, I didn’t give good pitches last year or the year before. It’s still the same now. As my mechanism changed, the number of home runs increased, but pitchers always had a difficult time winning games.”

– He was called Daejeon Jung Woo-sung… .

“I don’t think we look alike, but I think the fans call me that because I’m doing well right now. Anyway, it’s a nice nickname.”

– The eight-game losing streak is over.

“The losing streak was long. It was difficult for the players, and as the losses continued, some of them seemed to have lost confidence and the mood was down. So I felt sorry for the fans. I’m really glad that we ended the losing streak today. It was a good atmosphere, so we scheduled the game tomorrow and headed to Daejeon. “I wish I could go.”

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