“Pleasant” Simeone, “Four times in a month? I can’t play on this team”

Our players must have a good ‘average number’.”

“Diego Simeone, 53, has joked that a player who has sex four times a month cannot play for Atletico Madrid,” the British newspaper Tribuna reported on February 2.

In a recent interview with ‘Cope,’ Simeone said, “On average, Spanish women have sex at least 56 times a year. What do you think about that?” Simeone was asked a rather outrageous question.

Simeone, who usually wears all-black suits and has a “macho” image with his fierce gestures. His answer.

“How many times? 56 times… Four times a month? Four times a month is not enough,” Simeone reportedly said. A player who only plays four times a month can’t play in my team,” Simeone said, causing the interviewer to laugh. 안전놀이터

The interviewer then asked Simeone how many times a month was appropriate, to which he replied: “Fifteen times a month? I won’t say more. But I think our players have a good ‘average number’,” he added.

“Simeone is known for his fiery personality, but we can tell from this interview that he was joking,” the outlet said.

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