Oh Seung-hwan’s entrustment → Finally, ‘annual salary cut of 200 million won’ is confirmed… but if you do well, you will receive more

The guaranteed annual salary of Oh Seung-hwan (41, Samsung Lions), who is the “leader of the game,” was reduced by 200 million won compared to last season. Can he, who is sweating in Japan after already entrusting Samsung with a blank salary, be revived for the 2023 season?

A Samsung official said in a phone call with Star News on the 19th, “Oh Seung-hwan’s salary for the 2023 season was confirmed as a guaranteed amount of 1.4 billion won after internal discussions. In addition, there are additional options depending on the performance.”

Oh Seung-hwan was a close pitcher representing Korean baseball. Oh Seung-hwan, who joined Samsung in 2005, is now in his 19th year as a pro. He participated in 610 KBO league games, recording 37 wins, 19 losses, 370 saves and 15 holds with a career average ERA of 1.93.

Last season, Oh Seung-hwan was rather sluggish. He appeared in 57 games and posted a 3.32 earned run average with 6 wins, 2 losses, 31 saves and 2 holds. He was shaken by committing blown saves seven times, and the team couldn’t help but be affected.

Before the start of the season, Seung-hwan Oh eventually delegated his salary to the club. On the 11th, Samsung said, “As the team’s oldest player, Seung-hwan Oh will fulfill his responsibility for the team’s performance that did not advance to the postseason, as well as his intention to entrust his salary for 2023 with the meaning of a white army for the individual and team rebound this season. It has been passed on to the club.”

Still, Samsung will treat the veteran as much as possible and help revive this season. Oh Seung-hwan’s guaranteed annual salary last season was 1.6 billion won. He motivated by setting additional options rather than making large cuts. If you do well, you can receive more than last year.

An official from the club explained, “It is true that the total annual salary has been reduced by 200 million won compared to last year. However, since there are additional options based on performance, the final salary can increase more than last season.” 스포츠토토

Oh Seung-hwan is currently training personally in Okinawa, Japan, and is maximizing his physical condition. Afterwards, he plans to join the club’s spring camp held on the 1st of next month.

Oh Seung-hwan is challenging the record of 400 individual career saves for the first time in the KBO League this season. If he adds 8 saves to the Japanese (80 saves) and major league (42 saves) records, he will succeed in total 500 saves in Korea, the US and Japan. Will Oh Seung-hwan make a comeback this season? The hearts of Samsung fans who support Oh Seung-hwan are getting hotter.

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