‘Natural Enemy Yeonpa’ Ahn Se-young, Queen of India Open… Hangzhou green light

Women’s badminton ace Ahn Se-young won the India Open, a special tournament, by defeating the strongest players one after another.

This fall, it also gave a green light to the gold medal front of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Reporter Seo Bong-guk reports.

Set All Situation The last 3 sets.

Ahn Se-young succeeds in scoring a valuable goal with a fast-paced attack.

Finally match point.

The moment Yamaguchi’s shuttlecock hits the net, he falls to the floor and is thrilled.

From last week’s Malaysian Open final to last year’s World Championship, he lost 4 consecutive times.

This is the moment when I finally crossed the wall of world No. 1 Yamaguchi, which was frustrated every time.

[Replay comment: Ahn Se-young became the first Korean female player to win the Indian Open.]

Ahn Se-young passed through a big hurdle in the semifinals.

She was able to ride her upwards, taking down her left-hander China’s He Bingzhao, who was nothing short of nemesis after losing four matches.

Ahn Se-young, who won the top spot for the first time as a Korean player at her high-end event, the India Open, beat her tough opponents one after another and recharged her confidence in her Asian Games.

At the World Table Tennis Doha Contender, the first international tournament of the new year, Jang Woo-jin won a valuable runner-up.

She fought well against No. 8 Calderano in the rankings, but she was defeated 4-1,

In the men’s and women’s doubles, Cho Seung-min-Ahn Jae-hyun and Jeon Ji-hee-Shin Yu-bin also knelt down against Chinese second-class players in the final. 안전놀이터

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