Napoli Legend “I want to play with Kim Min-jae, ask me”

The Naples legend expressed his desire to play with Kim Min-jae.

Italian media ‘Calcio Napoli’ reported on the 7th (local time), “Ciro Ferrara expressed his desire to play with Kim Min-jae through ‘Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli’.”

Ferrara is a legendary center back who led Napoli’s heyday in the past. He led Napoli to victories in the 1986/1987 and 1989/1990 seasons. He played with Diego Maradona on the pitch and was much loved by the Napoli fans.

Kim Min-jae came into the eyes of such a Naples legend. Kim Min-jae took the starting position as soon as he wore the Napoli uniform ahead of this season and is leading Napoli’s first place in the league. He had no choice but to be more affectionate because he was from the same center back. 슬롯사이트

At the same time, Ferrara praised Kim Min-jae. In an interview with Calcio Napoli, Ferrara said, “Napoli has everything to win. Napoli deserves first place. Napoli players have made themselves a team that attracts attention in Europe.” wrapped around

“Napoli leads the game in a special way so that the defense can play well. And I want to play with Kim Min-jae. Please ask if Kim Min-jae wants to play with me,” he praised Kim Min-jae’s excellent defense.

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