Müller begins the schedule of the National University Power Enhancement Committee… “Bento’s successor, from scratch”

For the first time in the history of the Korea Football Association (KFA), Michael Müller, chairman of the foreign national team’s power reinforcement committee, started the first schedule with a press conference.

On the 11th, Chairman Muller held a briefing at the Soccer Hall on how to prepare for the appointment of the national team in the future. Most of the press conference was filled with questions about the process for appointing a new manager. At this meeting, Chairman Müller said, “We received a list of candidates from the former Power Reinforcement Committee. However, in the current situation, we will start from a blank slate again and leave all directions open for review.”

In particular, Chairman Mueller said “quickly, quickly” in Korean and said, “It is difficult to predict a specific date in the soccer business. It is more important to go in the right direction than speed. We will ensure that a clear manager is appointed according to the procedure.” .

At the same time, Chairman Müller said, “The Power Reinforcement Committee has made a senior guideline. We will start the procedure accordingly,” but “we will value five things: professionalism, manager’s experience, motivation, teamwork ability, and environmental factors.” said.

Led by coach Paulo Bento, Korea has a build-up soccer framework. He also made it to the round of 16 at the World Cup in Qatar. Chairman Müller said, “We plan to appoint a leader who is aligned with the philosophy of the KFA. It is very important to know what we want and how we have been doing so far. It is only when we know that that we can set the direction well.”

In addition, Chairman Miller emphasized that he is a channel of communication. Chairman Müller said: I think my role is to be a communicator and coordinator. I will fully communicate with everyone, including the players,” he said. 안전놀이터

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