Mid laner Pout from ‘Brion Academy’ joins NIP

Han “Pout” In-woong, a 19-year-old prospect who had experience in three countries, LCK-LPL-TCL, has become a new teammate of the “Rich King.”

On the 3rd, according to the LPL official website, NIP officially incorporated new mid laner Han “Pout” In-woong into their roster.

Although not much information is known, he started his career as a member of High Fresh Blade Academy, the predecessor of Brion. Afterwards, he went through EDG-Shadow Corporation (LCK Academy), YM, etc., and played an active role in Super Massive for the first time, making a decent first-team debut with 3 wins and 3 losses in 6 games. 메이저놀이터

In the 6th game (using the ID Generic9), he showed a normal basic skill instead of a super play or a conspicuous mistake. He especially likes ambush play, and has a strong tendency to actively pour his skills into minion cleanup in laning battles, leaving only the ‘just necessary mana’ for engagements.

However, shortly after playing in his only six games, he left the team and prepared for his next season in an invincible state. The fact that he only played 6 games in Super Massive was for a short-term contract to temporarily replace his vacant position due to personal circumstances of the existing player (Kseaz) rather than a special reason.

Eventually, after joining the LPL, he continued his career as a trainee in a major region. Although there are no clear strengths yet to be seen, ‘Dream’ Won-Shang Tan, who became famous as ‘Dream Maker’ last season, is also struggling, so it seems that he will show off his performance without much difference.

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