Messi’s best friend’s counterattack “You’re doing well. Even though I couldn’t even go to WC”

▲ Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who criticized the Argentine national team for not qualifying for the championship except for Lionel Messi
▲ Sergio Aguero, who immediately responded to Ibrahimovic’s interview with ” Do it right”

[] Reporter Park Moon-soo = “Have you forgotten what you did? You guys didn’t even make it to the World Cup.” 온라인카지노

Argentine living legend Sergio Aguero countered Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s criticism of the national team’s roster.

Here’s the situation. Although Ibrahimovic has strong narcissism, he praised Messi more than anyone else. In the process, Ibrahimovic criticized the rest of the Argentine players except for Messi.

Ibrahimovic even talked about the qualification to win the World Cup due to the unsportsmanlike behavior of some Argentine players. The mockery of Kylian Mbappe was the main reason. Although he didn’t name it directly, the player Ibrahimovic shot was goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez.

Upon hearing the news, Aguero immediately counterattacked. In addition to protecting his juniors, he criticized Ibrahimovic’s inconsistency.

According to the global edition of on the 27th, Aguero said to Ibrahimovic, “You have to remember that you behaved badly too. It happened when I played against Manchester United. At the time (I) was on the bench. You provoked me, and I talked back. Did you forget what I was doing?” He told an anecdote about the past Manchester derby.

He also sniped at Ibrahimovic and the Swedish national team. “Before worrying about Argentina, I think we should start worrying about the countries and players who didn’t even qualify for the last World Cup. They didn’t even qualify for this,” Aguero said, raising his voice.

He also added an anecdote related to Ibrahimovic. “I remember you fighting Otamendi in the Manchester derby, and you continued to argue with Guardiola, so I think (Guardiola) tried to sell you at Barcelona,” Aguero said. In the case of Ibrahimovic, he once left Barcelona due to a feud with manager Guardiola, who was a former Aguero teacher.

Aguero continued: “You ignored my teammates. Since I was there, you could say that you also said about me. You shot me, so I will shoot you. We are world champions. And Messi is the best in the world? I’m sorry.” he said sarcastically.

said Ibrahimovic. And Aguero joined the fight. In the process, even Sweden, the homeland of Ibrahimovic, was twisted. Of course, it all started with Ibrahimovic. Due to his personality, it is impossible to stay alone. Now, Ibrahimovic’s counterattack is expected.

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