Manchester United star, who regrets the 470 million share limit, waits for the owner to change?

‘I want to get a higher weekly wage!’

Why is Manchester United’s star striker Marcus Rashford not signing his contract extension?

Rashford is having the best time ever this season. He has scored 27 goals in 44 appearances in all competitions, leading Manchester United’s upward trend. In the midst of Rashford’s performance, Man United won the EFL Cup, and are still challenging to win the FA Cup and Europa League. 3 crowns are possible.

As a result, Rashford’s stock price is also soaring. Manchester United want to extend his contract, but Rashford is said to be hesitant. Why. 먹튀검증

The British media’The Sun’ reported that Rashford was keenly aware of whether the club would be sold or not. The current owners, the Glazer family, have created their own team rules. This is the upper wage limit for players who receive the team’s highest weekly wage, which does not exceed 300,000 pounds (approximately 470 million won). Manchester United paid £500,000 to Alexis Sanchez and £375,000 to David de Gea.

Rashford was offered a five-year, £300,000 contract. However, Rashford says he is holding out because he expects the wage cap to be removed when the new owner comes. Recently, news that it will be passed on to ‘oil money’ such as Qatar related to the sale of Man Utd is being produced every day. They expect that their weekly wages will go up even more when the new owner comes with ‘oil money’ on their back.

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