Man Utd begins negotiations with Kim Min-jae!…”Summer buyout payment”

Reports have been reported that Man Utd has started transfer negotiations with Kim Min-jae (26, Naples).

Turkey’s ‘Zumhuriyet’ said on the 27th (Korean time), “According to the Italian media Corriere dello Sproat, Manchester United has started negotiations with Kim Min-jae’s agent. Manchester United will pay Kim Min-jae’s buyout of 50 million euros (approximately 67 billion won) this summer from July 1 to 15,” it was reported.

Kim Min-jae, who is performing his best as a main defender in the first season after transferring to Naples, has been interested in Manchester United since September of last year. Man Utd coach Eric ten Haag wants to reinforce the defender and paid attention to Kim Min-jae, who has proven his skills in the Italian league and the UEFA Champions League (UCL).

Kim Min-jae has all the strengths coach Ten Hagh wants. First, the ability to cover the back space. Coach Ten Hagh builds the overall line high while exerting strong forward pressure. He naturally exposes the space behind the defense, but Kim Min-jae plays cover with his quick feet and strong physicality. In Naples, while Amir Rahmani plays forward defense, Kim Min-jae focuses on blocking from behind.

Also, Kim Min-jae is capable of rear build-up. Kim Min-jae is good at both short and long passes and develops stable attacks from the rear. Depending on the situation, he also has the forwardness of carrying the ball himself, so he also plays the role of starting an attack.

Of course, Napoli has no intention of letting go of Kim Min-jae, the core of the team, easily. Italy’s ‘Pantacalcio’ said, “Napoli presented Kim Min-jae with new contract conditions. It is a plan to increase the buyout amount from 50 million euros to 65 million euros (approximately 87.4 billion won).” 토토사이트

“Kim Min-jae is receiving interest from Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). This is why Napoli want to increase the buyout amount. Because he has a buyout clause, Kim Min-jae will decide what to do after the season is over,” he added.

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