Man United’s locker room, where all the troublemakers are gone, it’s going well even though it’s this strict

Manchester United are on the rise with strict locker room rules.

Manchester United struggled with infighting in the locker room just over a year ago. The reason for Manchester United’s extremely sluggish performance last season lies in the division of the squad to the end. News of the split between Portuguese players led by Cristiano Ronaldo and others followed.

Full of bad news, Manchester United stayed in 6th place last season. I started to improve my physique. A new manager, Eric ten Hag, was called in and all Ronaldo, wage-thieves and noise-making players were disposed of. Coach Ten Hag gave full power so that he could firmly take control of the squad.

Man United has changed dramatically. They are cruising in 4th place in the league and have reached the final of the Carabao Cup, where they have a chance to lift their first trophy under Ten Hag. Discipline is what Ten Hag has changed United in his first season as manager.

In a recent interview with ‘The Times’, Fred said, “There are three rules you must follow in the Manchester United locker room: no tardiness, no misbehavior and always helping your teammates. It’s very important.”

In addition, coach Ten Hagh is applying rules that may be a bit excessive for professional players, including a dress code, eating at set times, and banning mobile phones. This change leads to 24 wins out of 33 games in the season, so the players have no choice but to follow.

Ten Haag emphasizes the focus on the game. Even ahead of the weekend against Crystal Palace, he said, “We always need to focus. No matter what happens, it’s our job to focus.” We have to focus more on the game because we have to win.” 먹튀검증

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