LSU right-hander Paul Skennis, Pittsburgh’s No. 1 overall pick, the next Garrett Call?

The draft of major American sports is an important content. As a broadcaster, it has established itself as a big event program.

The major leagues also adjust the draft schedule and conduct it on site during the All-Star Game week. The old MLB draft took place 메이저도메인 before the College World Series. Now, it will be held as an event in July following the four major sports NFL (April), NBA, and NHL (more than June).

The MLB draft was first conducted in 1965, the latest among the four major sports. The first overall player selected in the first year draft was Arizona State (ASU) outfielder Rick Monday by the Kansas City Royals. He currently serves as a dedicated radio commentator for the Los Angeles Dodgers. The number 1 overall is not only advancing to the major leagues, but also sitting on a cushion of money. The No. 1 designee athlete and discharge school is the highest honor.

ASU, located in Tempe, Arizona, is a prestigious baseball school. ASU has produced as many as four players in the first overall draft. Including the first Monday, left-hander Floyd Bannister in 1976, third baseman Bob Horner in 1978, and third baseman Spencer Torkelson in 2020 were drafted by the Houston Astros, Atlanta Braves, and Detroit Tigers.

Louisiana State University (LSU) right-hander Paul Skenes was selected by the Pittsburgh Pirates with the first overall pick in the 2023 draft. LSU is the second No. 1 Draft after right-hander Ben McDonald (Baltimore Orioles) in 1989.

Pittsburgh had the good fortune of appointing a pitcher first overall in 12 years following Gerrit Cole (New York Yankees) from UCLA in 2011. After five seasons, Cole decided that a Pittsburgh free agent contract was impossible and traded to the Houston Astros. In December 2019, he signed a 9-year, $324 million contract, the most ever by an MLB pitcher.

The number one overall draft is the team’s immediate sense of power. However, it cannot be affirmed that the number 1 overall MLB is a ‘game changer’ that dominates the team compared to the NBA, NFL and NHL. In the NBA, the first overall draft changes teams. This is evident when the San Antonio Spurs named Tim Duncan from Wake Forest University in 1997 to win five NBA championships. The number 1 quarterback in the entire NFL dominates the decade.

MLB is the least likely. Baseball is highly variable, and since it becomes a free agent after six years of full-time, it is rare for a game changer to be the number one nominee. Few players have been so rooted in a team as Chipper Jones.

The MLB draft was first conducted in 1965. It was 58 years ago. Among all-time No. 1 nominees, only three legends have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Seattle Mariners outfielder Ken Griffey Jr. (1987), Atlanta Braves third baseman Chipper Jones (1990), and Chicago White Sox outfielder Harold Baines (1977) were inducted into the HOF. Griffey Jr. and Jones were selected in the first year of HOF eligibility, and Baines was relieved by a senior committee.

The number of HOF contributions of the MLB all-time nominee is very small compared to other sports. This is because nomination No. 1 does not guarantee long-term skills. HOF emissions are the lowest. The NFL, which has been drafting since 1936, has 14 draftees, the NBA, which has been drafted since 1947, has 19 draftees, and the NHL, which introduced drafts in 1963, which is similar to MLB, has 5 draftees.

Skenes (21) has a confident physique of 198 cm and 106 kg. He is a college graduate and is a proven pitcher who led the College World Series championship. For Pittsburgh, he will advance to the big leagues within a year or two, and the team’s starting rotation is a surefire force. But his agent is Scott Boras. It is not easy for him to begin with the signing contract that determines the signing bonus. He’s unlikely to stay in Pittsburgh after six full-time years. Like Cole, a trade is more likely ahead of free agency. If they make the playoffs while Skennes is at it, Pittsburgh is a huge success.

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