Let’s make a statement that Kaise also “goes to Arsenal”… Affiliated team “leave until the deadline”

The team responded with a tough measure by giving a vacation until the deadline for the transfer market to players who issued a statement for the transfer and failed to attend training.

English Premier League Brighton’s key midfielder Moises Caicedo (22) strongly hoped to move the team by announcing a statement on the 28th when his team strongly opposed the move to Arsenal.

Caicedo said on his SNS, “I was born and raised as the youngest of 10 children in a poor family in Santo Domingo, Ecuador. My dream has always been to become the greatest player in Ecuador’s history.” I am proud to be able to reinvest it and help the club continue to succeed.” 토토사이트

Arsenal, a prestigious Premier League player, bet a large amount of 60 million euros (91 billion won) for the transfer fee to recruit Caicedo, but Brighton did not budge, so the player himself made a statement.

Caicedo also did not appear at the training ground. On the 29th, at 10:30 pm, the FA Cup 4th round home game against Liverpool was announced.

It is unusual for a player to even submit a statement saying that he will go to another team, and the Premier League, the closing price of football, is noisy, but Brighton is not going to back down with one foot against Caicedo.

According to British ‘Talk Sports’ on the 28th, Brighton decided to give him a vacation until the deadline of the winter transfer market, ignoring Caicedo’s transfer request.

He wants to cool down and come back and help the team in the second half of the race.

The 60 million euro is the second highest transfer fee Brighton can ever receive, but Caicedo is to be left behind to keep Brighton on the rise, currently in sixth place.

Brighton had recently sent Leandro Trossar to Arsenal after he suffered a rash move to his home country of Belgium, skipping training.

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