‘Let’s hit the catbell, Park Jeong-ah responds’ Highway Corporation, 3:0 revenge on Pepper Savings Bank and 3 consecutive wins

Expressway Corporation won a set score 3-0 (25-21, 25-20, 26-24) in the 4th round match against Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Pepper Savings Bank at Pepper Stadium in Gwangju on the 12th. With this victory, the Korea Expressway Corporation, which succeeded in winning three games in a row, recorded 11 wins, 9 losses, and 32 points, solidifying its third place. It was 4 points from 4th place GS Caltex (9 wins, 11 losses, 28 points), and 16 points from 2nd place Heungkuk Life Insurance (16 wins, 5 losses, 48 ​​points).

In the road construction, Catbell led the victory with 22 points (17 in front, 3 in back, 2 in blocking), and Park Jung-ah, who was put in as a substitute, recorded 12 points, clearing the gap and announcing his return. Bae Yuna scored 10 points, Jeong Dae-young 6 points, and Jeon Sae-yan 5 points.

Highway Corporation showed a narrow advantage in attack scoring with a score of 46-42, and was ahead by a large margin in blocking with a score of 13-4. It was the driving force behind victory. Most of all, it was a meaningful match in that, while the proportion of paint was high until the 3rd round, the big attack revived in the 4th round. In addition, on December 31 last year, he certainly took revenge for the defeat of the Pepper Savings Bank.

On the other hand, Pepper Savings Bank played an active role with Nia Reed scoring 24 points, Park Eun-seo contributing 10 points and Lee Han-bi contributing 10 points. The fact that he could not keep the lead situation until around 20 matches remained a task. Even in the 3rd set deuce situation, I couldn’t take advantage of the opportunity. 카지노

Korea Expressway Corporation will challenge IBK Industrial Bank for 4 consecutive wins on the 17th. Pepper Savings Bank meets Heungkuk Life Insurance on the 15th.

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