“Lee Jae-hwan of the U-17 National Team” defeated Daegeon High School and Bupyeong High School to represent Incheon at the National Sports Festival

Thanks to the performances of Lee Jae-hwan and Hwang Ji-sung, who returned from the U-17 national soccer team, Incheon United U-18 토토사이트추천 (Daegun High School) was selected as the national soccer team for the 104th National Sports Festival.

Daegun High School beat Bupyeong High School 3-0 in the final match of the 104th National Sports Festival regional qualifying round held at Songdo LNG Sports Town Football Stadium on the 7th.

Daegun High School pushed hard against Bupyeong High School from the beginning of the first half and scored the first goal 36 minutes into the first half.

When Sung Him-chan, who overlapped along the left side, gave up a cross from the left side of the penalty area, Cho Eun-joon hit a shot from the front of the net to shake Bupyeong High School’s net.

Daegun High School, which finished 2-0 in the first half, was put in with the start of the second half and Lee Jae-hwan, who returned from the U-17 national team, dribbled to the goal area near the left center of the opponent’s side in the 41st minute and scored a right-footed shot to seal the victory.

The 104th National Sports Festival will be held from October 13 to 19 in Mokpo, Jeollanam-do. Daegun High School, which won the 100th National Sports Festival in 2019, will once again challenge for the top this year.

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