Lee Ga-young, “Since I started winning, my goal for this year is many wins”

“I have a strong fighting spirit that is second to none.”

A lot of people say that he seems like a player who has no greed at all, but they wave their hands saying that he is not at all. It seems that there was a misunderstanding rather than such a misunderstanding in the way she sincerely congratulates the winner without frowning even though she has won runner-up so many times that she was nicknamed ‘Gayoung Again’.

He won the first championship in his thrilling career after only 4 years of debut and 98 games, and enjoyed the luxury (?) of finally receiving the congratulations he had only handed out. This is Lee Ga-young (24, NH Investment & Securities), who won the KLPGA Tour Dongbu Construction/Korea Land Trust Championship in October last year.

Lee Ga-young had the best season of his career last year. This is because the long-awaited Witch Girl lifted the championship trophy and finished the season with 10th place in the grand prize points and 9th place in the prize money rankings, winning eight times in the ‘Top 10’. 먹튀검증

“Last year was a satisfying year,” he said. Above all, I was happy to win the championship I had so longed for,” he said. In particular, it is regrettable that he did not perform well for two months due to the aftereffects of Corona 19.” In fact, Lee Ga-young had experiences he had never experienced before, such as giving up after Corona 19 and missing the cut for two consecutive weeks.

It was in August of last year that Lee Ga-young contracted Corona 19. He was on the rise to the extent that he entered the ‘Top 10’ six times before that. Fortunately, he won his first championship in his life two months after that, but if it had not been for Corona 19, the championship might have come earlier.

He said, “After Corona 19, I was short of breath and had no strength when swinging. He has lost a lot of weight, and he says he swings, but Chae used to stay behind. He explained the difficult situation at the time, saying, “He couldn’t match the timing and even the direction was messed up.”

His goal this season is to add more wins. He doesn’t have a specific title in mind, as he always has. Lee Ga-young said, “I think the title will follow as the overall performance goes up,” and revealed the goal of “two wins in the season, one win each in the first and second half.” In a word, last year was better than two years ago, and this year I hope to reap richer results than last year.

In order to achieve his goal, he is currently undergoing intensive winter training with his teacher Kyung-Hun Lee for two months at the Lotus Valley Golf Resort near Bangkok, Thailand. The camp also includes Choi Hye-jin (24, Lotte), who is the same age as him, who has been paired with the amateur national team since 2015.

In Jeon Hoon, he is working on making up for his technical weakness, the short game. Lee Ga-young expressed strong confidence, saying, “I am focusing on putting and approach practice here,” and “If this year’s short game performance improves a little more than last year, I think I will be able to hit a career high again.”

Gayoung Lee doesn’t have any clear hobbies, but there are so many things she wants to try. He said, “He likes to learn things. After he finishes the season, he wants to learn cooking,” he said. He made japchae and zucchini pork stew for his parents, and he was praised,” he boasted.

Lee Ga-young is loved by many fans. Currently, his fan club ‘Gayoung Donghwa’ has 920 members. Some of them visit Thailand’s battery training grounds in early February. He hinted, “I’m going to spend about a day communicating with the fans who came to cheer me up.” I will definitely repay their consideration with better grades.”

Tips for weekend golfers are also not left out. Lee Ga-young said, “The secret to scoring is to reduce misses around the green. To do that, it is good to practice a lot of short games or putts,” he said. He concluded the interview by advising, “Rolling is most effective.” Bangkok = Jeong Dae-gyun Golf Senior Reporter

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