Lee Da-young, first experience of Italian volleyball with the promoted Serie A1 team

Lee Da-young (27, Le Canet) will play an away match against a team from the Italian first division, the world’s best stage for women’s volleyball. Although it is an evaluation match, it will be a very valuable experience.토토사이트

The French women’s volleyball team Le Canet will play the opening match of the ‘2nd Trofeo Ferramenta Astori’ against Trentino at the Palazzo Giorgi (capacity 4,200) in Monticchiari, Bresciado, Lombardy, Italy on October 1 (hereinafter Korean time). It takes place.

Italy ranks first in the 2023-24 European Volleyball Confederation (CEV) women’s league rankings, and France ranks fifth. Trentino succeeded in being promoted to the first division by finishing as runners-up in the 2022-23 Serie A2 (second division). Le Canet is the strongest team in France, challenging to win the championship for three consecutive seasons.

The ‘2nd Trofeo Feramenta Astori’ is a women’s volleyball pre-season competition planned as the opening D-7 event of Serie A1. Cuneo, ranked 12th in the Italian first division last season, and Roma, who were promoted by winning the second division, will also participate.

If Le Canet defeats Trentino, he will face the winner of Cuneo-Roma in the final of the ‘2nd Trofeo Ferramenta Astori’ on October 2nd. The loser of Cuneo-Roma and the loser of Le Canet-Trentino will play in the third place match.

The only foreign players whose ages were specifically introduced by the ‘2nd Trofeo Feramenta Astori’ organizing committee in promotional materials for the event were Lee Da-young and Viktoriya Kovzar (19, Russia). The two have something in common: they are setters belonging to Le Canet.

Kovzar is a promising player who was selected as one of the best 7 players in the 2020 Eastern European Volleyball Association (EEVZA) U-17 Championship preliminaries and the 2021 International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) U-19 World Championship finals.

Lee Da-young left Rapid Bucharest (Romania) on June 10 this year and joined Le Canet. Romania was 7th in the 2022-23 European women’s volleyball league rankings.

During the Korean Volleyball Federation V-League, Lee Da-young was selected as one of the 2018-2020 Women’s Best 7 for three consecutive years. She started her European career with PAOK (Greece) in the 2021-22 season.

At the time she was a player for the club, Greece was ranked 36th in the European League. Every year she advances to higher level stages and is recognized for her skills.

Le Canet will advance directly to the round of 20 group stage of the 2023-24 CEV Women’s Champions League final as the French champion. Attention is focused on whether Lee Da-young can make her debut in the European volleyball club competition and how she will perform further.

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