KT Rolster, with a reversal of ‘loss win victory’, achieves ‘4 wins’ against Dplus Kia

The roller coaster-like performance rode the upward curve properly. KT Rolster won a valuable come-from-behind victory by defeating the ‘strong’ Dplus Kia, which they met for the first consecutive win. KT, who announced the beginning of a rebound in the fierce middle-to-high ranking fight, succeeded in defending the rankings by winning 4 desperate wins. 먹튀검증

In the ‘2023 LoL Champions Korea (LCK)’ spring split held at LoL Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 9th, KT defeated Dplus with a set score of 2-1.

In the first set, Dplus took advantage of the fight and cut KT to take the first set. From the beginning, the two teams continued a tense battle of nerves and proceeded to the line battle without exchanging kills. When KT, who had the initiative in the early stages, pressed with an object, Dplus immediately cut off Si-woo “Lehenz” Son along with Geon-bu “Canyon” Kim from the bottom.

Around the 16th minute, the two teams engaged in a battle in front of the messenger, and it was Dplus who laughed. Deplus had to make a kill against KT, who obtained the object, and made it through engagement. Deplus Kia, who quickly scored 3 kills, pressed mid with a messenger and took the dragon initiative.

However, KT also tried to turn the atmosphere around by catching Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu in midfield. In a situation where both teams needed a breakthrough to secure leadership, Dplus called Kim “Kanna” Chang-dong from the side to the midfield, and the plan worked successfully. Deplus, who got 2 kills and got the Baron buff, completely destroyed KT by cutting off ‘Lehends’ that pierced the field of vision in succession.

Due to the widening power difference, Dplus Kia began to melt KT’s front line. In the 27th minute, even in an engagement that started a little unfavorably, Dplus built up an advantage and widened the gold gap by more than 4000. The final match was in front of the fourth dragon. In the end, Dplus, who completed the Dragon Soul, did not allow KT to counterattack until the end, and around the 34th minute, he entered the reeling KT headquarters and launched an ace to destroy the Nexus and take the first set.

In the 2nd set, Dplus completed the bottom with ‘Ziggs’ – ‘Pike’ to increase the number of wins. And in the beginning, this match worked well. Within two minutes, Hyeong-gyu “Kellin” Kim tried to roam as a midfielder and cut Bo-seong “BD” Kwak along with Su “Showmaker” Heo.

However, KT immediately tried to counterattack. In front of the first dragon, ‘Canyon’ was cut off, and ‘Aiming’ Ha-ram Kim scored 3 kills while catching Dplus Kia’s bot duo from the bottom. Even ‘Aiming’ countered against the 3-man gang and rather got a kill and took a good flow.

KT, who completed the dragon soul in 25 minutes, began to pressure the opponent little by little. The strength of the combination was used to press the side, and the D-Plus, who opened the battle first, was not able to exert effort. In addition, ‘Aiming’ raised 6 kills and released a terrifying amount of damage.

KT started to solidify by trying to ‘keep the aiming’. I succeeded in getting the Baron buff due to the difference in growth and destroyed the mid and bottom inhibitors after applying the buff. In addition, he played an ace against Deplus, who was trying to get the Elder Dragon, and with the power of the Elder, he exploded the Nexus and turned the match to square one.

In the final set of 3, KT’s ‘Kiin’ Ki-in Kim got a solo kill against ‘Kanna’, signaling a good start. Then, around the 9th minute, the two teams called each jungler from the bottom and started a fight. In particular, KT added a kill in an instant and even acquired a messenger.

In the match in front of the dragon, the flow leaned towards KT. KT reversed the D-Plus, who opened the battle first, and got the bounty gold. In addition, in 14 minutes, the gold gap succeeded in widening more than 6000.

The one-sided situation continued to flow. KT pressed the sides and objects and quickly began to roll into operations. Randomly cut off the collapsing DePlus and got the Baron buff. KT, who completed the fourth dragon soul around the 23rd minute, launched an ace in front of Baron, the final match. In the end, after 29 minutes, KT entered the main base of Dplus and destroyed the Nexus, ending the victory.

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