‘Korean table tennis legend’s DNA’ Yoo Ye-rin beats her older sisters to win the international competition

Yu Ye-rin (15, Seoul Munseong Middle School, 2nd year), who inherited the blood of Korean table tennis legend Yu Nam-gyu, coach of the Korea Exchange, delivered the news of winning the international tournament. 온라인카지노

Yu Ye-rin recently reached the top of the 15-year-old and 17-year-old women’s singles at the 2023 World Table Tennis (WTT) Youth Contender held in Doha, Qatar. She then teamed up with Kwon Hyuk (15, Dongsan Middle School, Daejeon) of her same age to win the 15th Cebu Mixed Doubles Championship.

Yu Ye-Lin is the daughter of Director Yu, and she stood out from an early age. Coach Yu is a Korean table tennis legend who won the men’s singles gold medalist at the 1986 Seoul Asian Games and 1988 Seoul Olympics.

Yerin Yu, who received her father’s DNA, has been active as a youth representative, winning the under-15 women’s singles at the “2022 WTT Youth Contender” held in Berlin, Germany last year. Last year, she won the ’38th Presidential National Table Tennis Tournament’, where she won the women’s middle division singles, and is considered her next-generation ace.

Director Yoo said, “The goal is for Yerin to grow a little after winning the WTA tournament 19 Cebu once, and catch her unemployed team sister in the comprehensive table tennis championship in the second half of this year.” “Shin Yu-bin (19, Korean Air) and Kim Na-young (18, Posco International) have already grown into Korean women’s table tennis aces, such as being selected for the national team,” he said. Park Ga-hyun and Kwon Hyuk, who caught Joo Chun-hee (Samsung Life Insurance) in the table tennis league, are the next-generation aces.”

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