Ju Min-gyu, the man Bento turned away from… Shall we take a picture in front of Klinsman?

Joo Min-gyu (33, Ulsan Hyundai), former K-League 1 scorer, took the opportunity to imprint in front of Jurgen Klinsmann (59), the new coach of the Korean national soccer team. 카지노

Head coach Klinsman, who took the helm of the Korean national team last month, is expected to have a busy schedule. After arriving at Incheon International Airport on the morning of the 8th and having a brief interview, the following day, on the 9th, he will hold an inauguration press conference at NFC in Paju. On the 12th, we visit the Seoul World Cup Stadium to watch the K-League 1 match between FC Seoul and Ulsan Hyundai to check domestic players.

When former coach Paulo Bento led the national team, Ju Min-gyu had no relationship with the Taegeuk mark. He never made it to the national team. Joo Min-gyu is considered the representative striker of the K-League. He scored a whopping 47 goals in three seasons with his former team, Jeju United, where he played an active role until last year. In the 2021 season, he became the top scorer in the K-League, but was turned away from coach Bento. Last year, he scored 17 goals, the same as the ‘top scorer’ Cho Kyu-seong (Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors). He missed the top scorer by a difference in the number of matches, but it was clear that he showed top-class performances in the league. However, despite his steady performance, he could not wear the Taegeuk mark uniform. I had to give up my dream of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

But things have changed. Coach Bento left Korean soccer after the contract period expired, and coach Klinsmann took over as the new command tower. Jumin-gyu also had an opportunity. If he shows good performance in the upcoming match against Seoul, there is a possibility of winning a spot in the national team. Although he is not small in age, his sense of finding a goal opportunity and his decisiveness with a clear shot are among the best in the league. Heung-Min Son (Tottenham) and Ui-Jo Hwang (Seoul), who are the attacking resources of the national team, are different, so it can give them new options.

Coach Klinsman will immediately play two A-matches in March. On the 24th, Korea will face Colombia, a strong player in South America, at Munsu Soccer Stadium in Ulsan. This is Klinsman’s directorial debut. On the 28th, at the Seoul World Cup Stadium, Uruguay, who faced off against Qatar at the World Cup, will face off. The national team will be convened on the 20th. Prior to that, the call list is announced. Since coach Klinsman lacks time to accurately analyze Korean players, there is a high possibility that the national team roster will focus on Qatar World Cup members for this A-match.

However, as manager Klinsman watches K-League games right after entering the country and starts to identify players, he can test new resources. It is something that an unexpected player can seize the opportunity. Joo Min-gyu is also one of the strong candidates.

Even if it is not for the national team, the match against Seoul is a game that motivates Joo Min-gyu. Prior to this season, Joo Min-gyu moved the team from Jeju to Ulsan. He has played in two games this year and has not scored the first goal of the season yet, but there is no great concern because he is a player who shows an explosive pace once he starts to explode. However, you need a starting point that will bring you confidence.

In particular, Ulsan is competing fiercely for the lead, winning all 2 matches (6 points), just like Seoul. If Ulsan wins, it can take the lead in the early lead competition. Jumin-gyu, who will be in charge of the front line, needs to be active.

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