Jo Jae-ho vs. Kang Min-goo · Coagulation vs. Kang Seong-ho… Wellbang PBA Championship Quarterfinal Match Completed

The quarterfinals of the 7th PBA Tour this season have been confirmed. It was compressed into a confrontation between Jaeho Jo vs. Mingoo Kang and Ngo Dinh Nai (Vietnam) vs. Seongho Kang.

In the PBA quarterfinals of the ‘Welcome Savings Bank Wellbang PBA-LPBA Championship’ against Mamin Calm held at the Bitmaru Broadcasting Center in Goyang City, Gyeonggi Province on the afternoon of the 23rd, Jo Jae-ho scored a set score of 3-1 (15-9 15-11 13-15 15-10). won and advanced to the semi-finals. As Cho Jae-ho was decided as the last main character of the semi-final ticket, the semi-final match was naturally confirmed.

Cho Jae-ho gained momentum by winning 15-9 in one inning against Maminkam. Maminkam showed improvement from the first set in the second set, but could not exceed Jo Jae-ho’s momentum. Cho Jae-ho drove Maminkam to the brink by winning the second set 15-11 in 7 innings.

Of course, Maminkam was also not easy. He went in pursuit, winning the third set 15-13. With Maminkam leading 12-8, Cho Jae-ho scored 5 runs in 6 innings and allowed the turnaround to 12-13. However, in the following 6 innings, he scored 3 runs at once and won the 3rd set 15-13.

Cho Jae-ho, who gave up one set, ended the match in the fourth set. In the 4th set, which started with the second pitch, Maminkam missed the first pitch, while Cho Jae-ho scored a whopping 8 points in 1 inning and took the win from the beginning. The pursuit of Maminkam was also scary. He scored 8 equally in his 3rd inning to tie the game at 8-8.

It was Jo Jae-ho who showed his concentration in the tense situation. He reached the match point by driving 5 runs at once in 4 innings when he was trailing 9-10. Following this, he finished the game with one run remaining in the fifth inning.

In the first quarterfinals of the day, Ngo Dean Nai defeated Lee Sang-dae with a set score of 3-1 and advanced to the semifinals. Ngo gave up the first set, but later won three sets and won a come-from-behind victory. This is the first time that the solidification has reached the quarterfinals. 먹튀검증

Coagulation’s quarterfinal opponent, Kang Seong-ho, joined Choi Won-joon in the semifinals after a full-set victory. Kang Seong-ho, who advanced to the PBA stage through the challenge tour, is also advancing to the semifinals for the first time.

In another quarterfinal, Kang Min-goo won against Choi Jun-ho with a set score of 3-1 to advance to the semi-finals. Kang Min-goo, who won two sets first, gave up the third set and allowed the pursuit, but won the fourth set 15-12 and confirmed the victory. Kang Min-goo’s opponent in the quarterfinals is Jo Jae-ho.

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