Jeonbuk Bo-Teng leads K League passing efficiency in August…Ulsan’s Kim Young-Kwon is second

Nana Boateng of Jeonbuk Hyundai ranked first in pass efficiency in August.

According to the August packing index released by the Korea Professional Football Federation on the 14th, Boateng played in four games and succeeded in 228 passes, beating 400 opponents with these passes.

The packing index is an indicator of the efficiency of a pass and indicates the number of opposing players who have passed through a pass when a pass reaches a teammate.소닉카지노

Ghanaian defensive midfielder Boateng, who joined Jeonbuk in July, has become the core of Jeonbuk’s midfield in a short period of time with his forward-facing passing technology, beating 275 passers in the central region.

Following Boateng, Kim Young-kwon (Ulsan) beat 387 people with 306 passes. Kim Young-kwon topped the packing index in a row from March to May and entered the top again after June, when he slowed down due to injury.

In the K League 2, Won Doo-jae (Gimcheon), Lee In-jae (E-Land), and Lim Min-hyuk (Busan) recorded high pass efficiency in the order.

In addition, Palosevic (Seoul) ranked first (48.16km) in the K League activity data in August, while Um Won-sang (Ulsan) ranked first in the highest speed (36.25km/h).

Hwang Jae-won (Daegu) topped both the sprint distance (2,632m) and the number of times (123 times). Sprint refers to a speed that exceeds 22.68 kilometers per hour while maintaining 14.4 kilometers per hour for at least two seconds.

In the case of the K League 2, Choi Joon (Busan) ranked first in distance at 55.11km, and Choi Gun-joo (Busan) ranked first in speed at 37.39km per hour. Park Min-seo (Gyeongnam) ranked first in the sprint with 129 times and 2,889m.

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