“It’s crazy” Tottenham’s insider also pointed out the worst choice

Tottenham Hotspur gave a lot of things to Sevilla.

Brian Hill has moved to Sevilla. Sevilla officially announced on the 31st (Korean time) the signing of Hill on loan through the official website, saying that Hill, who had grown up in the Sevilla youth team, had returned to Sevilla, and he would play for the team until the end of the season. 토토사이트

It is not the first rental. After joining Tottenham, Hill, who had already been loaned to Valencia once, failed to win the main competition even after returning to Tottenham, and eventually decided to rent Sevilla. Manager Antonio Conte gave Hill a few chances after he showed good form on the training ground, but it was still not enough to survive among strong competitors like Son Heung-min and Dejan Kulusevski. In addition, Arnaud Danjuma joined the team, and Hill’s position was further narrowed. It was a sufficient situation for Hill to decide to rent.

It was pointed out that Tottenham gave too many things to Sevilla in a short period of time. Reporter Alesdair Gold, who is working as an internal reporter for Tottenham as part of England’s ‘Football London’, held a Q&A session with Tottenham fans ahead of the winter transfer window deadline. A Tottenham fan asked Hill’s return to Sevilla before he was loaned to Sevilla.

Reporter Gold’s reaction was negative. “Sending Hill on loan is crazy. Tottenham have sold Sevilla £21m, Eric Lamela and Brian Hill over the past 18 months. It’s unbelievably bad business,” Gold said. “I think the most irritating part is that Hill has the talent, but the timing is wrong.”

The 21 million pounds that Gold reporter said is the transfer fee Tottenham paid to Sevilla to sign Hill from Sevilla in 2021, and at the time, Tottenham included Lamela’s transfer to Sevilla in the terms of the contract. Here, he sent Hill, who was recruited from Seville, back to Seville, and in fact, only Seville did a good job.

What is even more frustrating for Hill is that it is unclear whether he will be able to find a starting position even after returning on loan. As reporter Gold regretted, Hill is not using his talent.

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