“If you can’t drag it any further…” Kim Hee-jin’s poor physical condition, Industrial Bank of Korea’s frustration

IBK Industrial Bank coach Kim Ho-cheol is suffering from the sluggish performance of native ace Kim Hee-jin this season.

Kim Hee-jin is suffering from a chronic knee injury. After undergoing surgery to remove bone fragments in his left knee in May 2021, he participated in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics without fully recovering. She led the women’s volleyball semifinal myth, but her condition is not improving after the forced march.

Kim Hee-jin’s poor physical condition this season led to her team’s sluggish performance. IBK Industrial Bank is currently in 6th place with 7 wins, 14 losses and 22 points. Recently, they are mired in a 4-game losing streak.

Kim Hee-jin scored 16 points (attack success rate 36.59%) against GS Caltex on the 13th, and although the attack seemed to revive after a long time, she could not lead the team to escape from losing streak. In response, coach Kim pointed out, “It is necessary to do it at an important moment rather than to raise 16 points.” 메이저사이트

Her physical condition is still not perfect. On this day, the participation in the Korea Expressway Corporation is uncertain. Director Kim regretted, “(Kim) Hee-jin can’t fill the amount of practice, so he himself will be frustrated.”

Coach Kim is contemplating a solution to Hee-jin Kim’s frequent injuries. He said, “The club is paying as much attention as possible, and I have a lot of worries about what to do.”

In addition, the starting pitcher, Libero Shin Yeon-kyung, is struggling after recently leaving due to a knee injury. Director Kim said, “Overall, it seems that the condition is very poor.”

Regarding Shin Yeon-kyung’s current physical condition, he explained, “Now I have started walking. If possible, I am also running.”

Due to a number of bad factors, the performance is not improving. Manager Kim said, “Last year, Santana and Pyo Seung-ju had a high share and attack success rate, but this year, the success rate fell and there was a problem.” It is a situation that is neither this nor that,” he sighed.

He continued, “Even (Shin) Yeon-kyung in the middle is missing and there seems to be no momentum. Overall, there is no fighting.” pointed out

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