I thought I was leaving in January… Tottenham rejected ‘love call’

Barcelona (Spain) midfielder Frank Kessie (25) is known to have turned down a move to Tottenham Hotspur (England) during the transfer window last winter. Amidst the possibility of parting as he did not get a chance to participate, it is reported that he received a ‘love call’ but rejected it.

Spanish media ‘Sport’ said on the 10th (Korean time), “Kessie had several options during the January transfer window,” and “among them, he received transfer offers from Tottenham and AC Milan (Italy). But he can’t get another chance. I was convinced that there was, and I chose to stay,” he said.

Initially, Kessie sought a transfer during the winter transfer window in January because he had a difficult time after joining Barcelona in the summer of last year and was rarely given a chance to play. In fact, until last month, he played in 21 official games, but the average playing time was only 37.9 minutes.

In particular, as he was pushed out of competition with players younger than himself, such as Pablo Garvey (18), and claims were made that coach Xavi Hernandez (43, Spain) lacked the ability to carry out tactically, Kessie felt dissatisfied and joined the club for half a year. Caught by the strands parting in ten thousand. In the midst of this, the possibility of advancing to the English Premier League (EPL) opened up amid the courtship of coach Antonio Conte (53, Italy), who strongly wanted to recruit him since taking the helm of Tottenham last November.

However, Kessie, who was pushing for a transfer, unexpectedly refused the ‘love call’ and chose to stay. The media explained that he had suddenly changed his mind to forget his pain over the past six months and win the competition again. 안전놀이터

‘Sport’ said, “Kessie is determined to fight for a chance to play again,” and “with Sergio Busquets (34) recently leaving due to injury, he is judging that he will be able to receive a chance from coach Xavi.” added.

Kessie made his professional debut in 2014 at club Stella (Ivory Coast), then moved to Atalanta (Italy) the following year and entered the big leagues. After going through Cesena (Italy) and AC Milan, he wore a Barcelona uniform as a free agent (FA) in July of last year.

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