“I haven’t fallen out since the surgery”… 3rd medical test, Correa shocked

“After the surgery (because of an ankle problem), I have not missed a single game. It was shocking.”

The Minnesota Twins officially announced the signing of free agent infielder Carlos Correa (29) on the 12th (Korean time). Correa immediately attended his induction press conference and embarked on an official schedule as a Minnesota player.

In a press conference, Correa said, “After surgery (for ankle problems), I have never missed a game, and I have never been treated. It was shocking. (After the contract was canceled) I trained normally with Fungo, batting, and running. So, more It was fun,” he said.

“The important thing is that I’m here (Minnesota). I’ll represent the city. I’ll prove it the right way,” he said.

Correa was one of the most watched free agents of the offseason. His stable defense and outstanding offense attracted a lot of attention as a top shortstop in the major leagues. Correa entered the free agency market by declaring opt-out after the 2022 season for the FA jackpot. Local media also showed a lot of interest in Correa, citing him as a notable free agent.

As expected, many spotlights turned to Correa. Teams that wanted to reinforce their shortstop had their eyes on Correa. He signed a contract with the San Francisco Giants (13 years, about 435.3 billion won) and was on the verge of becoming a free agent hit. However, when he was playing in the minor leagues, his contract was canceled due to problems in the medical test due to his previous ankle surgery.

Soon after, the New York Mets (12 years, about 391.8 billion won) reached out to Corea, but similarly, a problem was discovered in the medical test and the contract failed. In the end, he turned around and signed a six-year contract with Minnesota for a total of 200 million dollars (about 248.5 billion won) to secure a new home.

Correa showed his gratitude towards Minnesota because there were many twists and turns. “It was a great trip. I felt a lot of emotions throughout the process, but I believed that God would take me to the right place. I am happy to be back home (Minnesota),” he said, determined to be of help to the team. 메이저놀이터

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