Hanwha rookie Seohyun Kim has the right to keep her thoughts private, and the responsibility to bear disclosure

It would be nice if I could get attention on the bright side, but unfortunately, I am receiving criticism. It is because the private SNS account used by rookie pitcher Kim Seo-hyun (19), who joined Hanwha as the 1st overall pick in the first round of this year, was revealed and the fact that he cursed at the coaching staff and fans became known.

Seohyun Kim, while running a private account different from her own on social media, confided in mocking criticism of fans who opposed the number 11 uniform and complaints sent to coaches who strictly trained. After this account was released, Kim Seo-hyun revealed that it was her account through an interview with the club, and was fined 5 million won and disciplined for 3 days outside training.

In the first place, it was not a problem that Seohyun Kim had a private account. He could understand a hundred times if he said that he needed a ‘bamboo forest’ where he could confide his feelings within the confines of ‘public figure’ he faced upon graduating from high school. And since private accounts are not illegal, regardless of Kim Seo-hyun’s intentions, the person who disclosed them should actually receive more criticism.

However, Kim Seo-hyun had to know that if he applied for the draft and ended up wearing the professional uniform he dreamed of, he would ultimately be responsible for it. Recently, private accounts of celebrities and professional players are no longer ‘private’. Discovering their accounts, whether they are acquaintances or fans, is as free as having a private account. 온라인바카라

In the end, it is Kim Seo-hyun who is responsible for the contents contained in it. Seohyun Kim may not have thought that the account would be made public, but it had to contain something she would be proud of when it was made public someday. The SNS account that disclosed Kim Seo-hyun’s account continues to post hostile messages to Kim Seo-hyun. She said that if Seohyun Kim really wanted to release her thoughts, she shouldn’t have given her at least a chance to be revealed. It was only after paying a large fine that Kim Seo-hyun chose to become a public figure.

After Kim Seo-hyun was disciplined outside of training, he liked the club’s SNS and was criticized once again. Kim Seo-hyun may not have thought that the ban on using social media was included in his discipline outside training. In fact, there is a high possibility that all of these things are not aware that they should be criticized. He doesn’t know that since he’s a professional player, he’s responsible for everything he does.

In Hanwha, in the second round of the 2020 rookie pitcher Nam Ji-min, left a comment sympathizing with Shin Dong-soo’s post that caused social controversy on social media in December of that year, and was fined 5 million won by the club itself and 2 million won by the KBO. Since then, the ethics of using social media has become essential during rookie training, but players still lack understanding.

The limits are clear. Even if the club reprimands them more, it will inevitably be heard as ‘nagging’ to players who do not feel it themselves. Clubs do not have the right to crack down on players. Ultimately, players need to wake up. He hasn’t made his debut yet, but his professional career has already begun. Will Kim Seo-hyun be able to use this opportunity to desperately realize her rights and responsibilities and crack down on her private life?

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